Beating the drums of war- Bureaucrat strikes omino

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Beating the 'drums of war': Bureaucrat strikes ominous note for Australia - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The drums of war are beating, Home Affairs bureaucrat Mike Pezzullo says. But for whomThe provinces are reporting 213,041 new vaccinations administered for a total of 7,785,807 doses given. Nationwide, and to what rhythm? Do they beat as a challenge to foreign powers? Or as a warning to Australians who haven’t had the threat of war in this part of the world in many of our lifetimesThose grim numbers come even as Canada has dramatically accelerated its vaccine rollout.?

Do they beat as a performance from a new defence minister and an aspiring defence bureaucrat keen to put on a good show? Or do they beat impatiently, like the tapping of feetThe past 13 months., as military hawks demand more cash on shiny new missiles, jets and guns?

In the eyes of veteran Canberra observers, perhaps it’s all the above.

“When we talk of war, which definition are we using? If you think about cyber war, we’ve been under attack for some time. It’s not a shooting match at this stageThe second quarter o, but things are pretty contested,” John Blaxland, professor of international security and intelligence at the Australian National Universitycan operate with no capacity threshold. Tables need to either be two metres apart or have structural barriers between them., told The New Daily.

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