Sany rubber tyred roller 2 on the hottest colored

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Sany rubber tyred roller on colored asphalt

colored asphalt pavement refers to the mixing of decolorized asphalt with various colored stones, pigments, additives and other materials at a specific temperature, which can be prepared into asphalt mixtures with different colors from the unique entrepreneurial projects in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and then paved and rolled to form a colored asphalt concrete pavement with certain strength and road performance. Compared with ordinary pavement, colored asphalt pavement plays an important role in promoting road traffic safety and beautifying the road space environment

due to its special structure and diverse functions, Sany rubber tyred roller on colored asphalt

the construction of colored asphalt requires extremely high cleanliness of equipment, especially for rubber tyred roller, the tire surface must be free of impurities. Sany rubber tyred roller adopts automatic fuel injection device, which does not need manual oiling, making the road color brighter. The ground pressure of the tire can also be automatically adjusted to ensure the compactness of the road

Sany roller under construction

Jiangsu Xingang Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. purchased two Sany rollers in 2015, which have worked for more than 2000 hours without any failure. At the beginning of this year, another Sany rubber tyred roller was purchased, which is specialized in colored asphalt rolling. Due to the full hydraulic travel control mode of Sany roller and stepless speed change, the flatness of the road surface is better guaranteed. The customer supervisor was very satisfied with the stability, operating performance and safety performance of Sany equipment, which opened up new possibilities for the scope production and design of automotive interiors, and said that he would continue to buy Sany equipment

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