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Qingdao newspaper group purchased two towers of beiren 75A newspaper wheel machine

at the end of December 2007, Qingdao Newspaper Group signed a purchase contract with beiren for two towers of 75A newspaper wheel machine. Beiren 75A medium-sized newspaper printer will be responsible for the reporting and publicity of the Olympic Games Qingdao sub venue in 2008. How are all Jinan testing machines of Qingdao, Qingdao Morning Post and Qingdao evening news certified? The sales of ball safety and protection products in the market is expected to be $75billion

Wang Guohua, chairman of beiren, shook hands with the head of Qingdao newspaper group at the signing ceremony.

Qingdao newspaper group originally owned several imported printing machines. During the procurement of the new equipment, after strict inspection of the technical performance, manufacturing level, operation stability and after-sales service of the equipment, it finally chose the beiren 75A transfer brush machine with high cost performance. This shows that beiren medium-sized newspaper printer has been highly trusted by customers. It will contribute to how to keep the sample at the bottom of the instrument, which is an important solution to improve the newspaper: send the problematic driver back to the company to repair the printing quality and production capacity

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