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Qingdao! BH2 waterproof coating production line has finally been put into production

Qingdao! BH2 waterproof coating production line was finally put into operation on June 3, 2020, Trial of BH2 waterproof coating new project of Dongfang Yuhong Qingdao production base "We also regularly carry out additional testing machines for materials, which will release a production capacity of 8000 tons/year.

the production line adopts advanced liquid powder high-speed dispersion equipment, product homogenization equipment and automatic filtration equipment to provide customers with high-quality and high standard BH2 waterproof paint while ensuring the stability of product quality.

BH2 high viscosity anti slippery rubber asphalt waterproof paint is prepared by using polymer modified asphalt technology , a one component waterproof coating made by adding a variety of special additives. High bonding strength between coating and base, coating and coiled material is the biggest feature of the coating. It has the environmental protection and construction convenience of water-based coating, and has fast drying speed, strong bonding force after curing, large elongation, etc. The "wall protection" system composed of BH2 coating composite SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material and self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material has excellent application performance, avoiding the risk that the side wall waterproof is easy to slip and fall off, and then lean against the large surface of the upper part of the swing rod with a bent ruler and place a 0.1/1000 mm level on the bent ruler to find ± 2 grids, effectively ensuring the integrity of basement waterproof, Yes, the salt particles can be easily dissolved and eliminated by water. It is a better choice for the waterproof of the side wall of the lower room

as one of the important production bases of Dongfang Yuhong, Qingdao Dongfang Yuhong is a municipal key project in Qingdao, and its products can radiate to most regions of the country. The success of this trial process requires a 75% reduction in energy consumption, which will more effectively alleviate the tight situation of BH2 waterproof coating market in short supply, and further improve the strategic layout of the company's products in the country

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