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Qingdao heavy industry intelligent muck dump truck realizes technological innovation and upgrading

Qingdao heavy industry intelligent muck dump truck realizes technological innovation and upgrading

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the size of the virtual investment scope can simulate the various processes of all machine production and manufacturing. China heavy truck Qingdao heavy industry, according to the needs of the market and users, continues to improve products and upgrade technology. Recently, They have achieved technological innovation and upgrading of the intelligent urban muck dump truck launched in recent years. They have made independent innovations in the design of box structure, the application of new materials, the design of closed top cover and supporting components, breaking through the traditional dump truck design concept, and have been widely used in agriculture, fine chemicals, food and medicine and other fields, At the same time, modern intelligent technology is applied to the field of PVC-U extruded profile qb/t 2133 ⑼ 5 soil dump truck for interior decoration. The product has the characteristics of intelligent management, safety and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. It not only solves the problem of urban construction waste transportation, but also takes into account environmental protection, and has been favored by many users

Qingdao heavy industry's intelligent urban muck dump truck has made the following articles on technological innovation and upgrading: first, the U-shaped box made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate. The structure is intensively optimized, and the external stiffening beam frame of the traditional rectangular car is eliminated. The inside and outside are smooth, the shape is fashionable and beautiful, and there is no clay and material accumulation, and it is easy to wash at the same time; The wear resistance, impact resistance and service life of high-strength wear-resistant plates are times that of ordinary plates; The stress distribution is more reasonable, the self weight is light, the center of gravity is low, energy conservation and consumption reduction, low carbon and environmental protection, reduce tire wear, and cause less damage to the road surface. Second, the hydraulic system of eurek multi-stage cylinder for muck truck is adopted. High pressure seal, thin-wall design, high bearing capacity, chrome plating treatment. The stage and travel are specially designed according to the installation space requirements of the muck truck. Third, adopt electric control push type PVC tarpaulin top cover. Retractable into the hidden top guard, equipped with tamper proof control switch, environmental protection, safety, automation, light, reliable, economic, beautiful appearance. Fourth, the rear door sealing device is installed, and the embedded sealing structure is adopted, which has good sealing effect, safety and reliability. Fifth, the tamper proof control switch is independently developed. Through the sequential action of two proximity switches, the "ground" signal is successively transmitted to the control module, and the signal transmission of the compartment lid in place is realized through the output signal of the control module. Sixthly, Beidou compatible on-board terminal is installed, which is composed of satellite positioning, wireless communication transmission and vehicle status information acquisition modules, which can provide timely location and status information of road transport vehicles

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