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Qingdao International Marine Equipment Science and technology city is accelerating the rise of high-tech zones

Qingdao International Marine Equipment Science and technology city is accelerating the rise of high-tech zones

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relying on the constantly optimized industrial carrier, Qingdao International Marine Equipment Technology City has accelerated its rise in Qingdao high tech Zone. Statistics show that up to now, the high tech Zone has introduced more than 40 high-end marine equipment industrial projects and R & D institutions, including CSIC Qingdao Marine Equipment Research Institute, Dimar international deep sea equipment Industrial Park, CSIC rail transit, and the industrialization of optical fiber sensors, with a total investment of more than 10billion yuan

it is understood that the high-tech zone provides a good development carrier for the development of the industry mainly through the construction of the "five ones" pattern. That is: a park, a leader, an incubator, an industrial alliance, and a service platform. One park, namely the marine engineering equipment Industrial Park, has been put into operation and approved as Qingdao marine equipment industrial characteristic park. One leader is to give full play to the leading role of CSIC, rely on the CSIC marine equipment research institute and Qingdao International Marine Equipment Science and technology city project covering an area of 800 Mu and the CSIC marine equipment industrial park covering an area of 600 mu, drive 710 institutes, 714 institutes, 719 institutes, 716 Institutes, 725 institutes, Beihai shipyard, 388 factory and other Chinese shipbuilding departments to set up branches and Industrialization Bases in the high-tech zone, and radiate other marine equipment projects to settle down, Form a marine equipment R & D and industrial agglomeration area. An incubator, that is, the planned 260000 square meter Blue Bay entrepreneurship Park incubator, is specialized in introducing entrepreneurial projects in the marine equipment industry, providing one-stop services from R & D, incubation, acceleration to industrialization. An industrial alliance is to integrate more than 40 marine engineering enterprises and establish the "Chamber of Commerce for offshore engineering equipment industry". A public service platform to build a public service platform for marine engineering equipment. When the equipment is initially put into operation, it is particularly necessary to do a good job in Protection Exhibition science and technology project services, entrepreneurship services, legal affairs support, policy guidance and other services

"five ones" pattern has accelerated the agglomeration of high-end marine equipment industrial projects, and high-end R & D, technology trading, finance and other related resources related to the industrial chain have also gathered. At present, the high tech Zone has jointly built the "joint research and Incubation Center for ocean engineering and technology" with Ocean University of China and Curtin University in Australia; The national marine technology trading market has been established to form a data platform and trading platform for the transfer and transformation of marine technology achievements; The Qingdao Ocean cornerstone fund with a total scale of 250million yuan and the Haihua blue leading venture capital fund with a total scale of 100million yuan have been initiated, and the ecology of industrial development has been increasingly optimized. The relevant person in charge said that the next step of the high-tech zone will focus on the four industrial directions of ocean observation and detection instrument detection, ship support, ocean oil and gas exploitation and Beidou navigation, including ocean observation instrument equipment, ocean detection instrument equipment, ship equipment Deep sea instruments and equipment, 5. Hardness experiment: the comprehensive utilization equipment of seawater, the overload protection device of marine new energy even the experimental machine can not completely avoid the key breakthroughs in seven fields, such as the load sensor not being damaged, the injury source equipment and the marine new material equipment. By 2020, Qingdao International Marine Equipment Science and technology city will begin to take shape, with a total industrial output value of 20billion yuan and an industrial added value of 15billion yuan, The area of marine equipment science and technology city and industrial park has reached 1500 mu, and there are 100 marine equipment enterprises. The research on basic common technologies of marine equipment has made landmark achievements, and new breakthroughs have been made in the key technologies of cutting-edge marine equipment, forming a marine equipment industry technology system with independent intellectual property rights, and building a marine equipment science and technology innovation city with strong independent research and development capabilities, leading science and technology, and international influence

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