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On May 20, 2020, Wu Fu, vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, went to the China Coating Industry Association to investigate the interaction and docking of enterprises' resumption of work and production. Sun Lianying, Secretary of the Party branch and President of the coating industry association, Zhao Jun, vice president, Yan Yongjiang, Secretary General of the coating industry association, attended the discussion

Wu Fu listened to the comprehensive work report and put forward guiding opinions on the industrial leading role played by professional associations, the current resumption of work and production, and the cooperative development of anti-virus coatings

sun Lianying reported on the operation of the coating industry this year. The coating association has played a leading role in the industry, promoted the resumption of work and production of industry enterprises, focused on the training of industry talents, promoted vocational skills education, and is committed to policies and regulations, industry standards, green systems to complete the tensile, peeling, tearing, tightening and other mechanical properties of samples. It also reported on the period of the COVID-19, The key work carried out by the paint Association, such as formulating anti-virus group standards, opening vocational qualification online training services to the industry free of charge, holding a coating industry conference with a click through rate of more than one million in the form of online live broadcast, building a sales platform for manufacturers, as well as the industry trends of anti-virus coating research and development, the intention and progress of communication with relevant international and domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises Anti virus coating product standards and corresponding testing methods

Wu Fu said that during the epidemic period, the petrochemical Federation and 16 industry associations directly under the SASAC established a cooperative alliance for the resumption of work and production of service enterprises, and established three professional groups of light industry and textile, machinery, coal chemical industry and building materials nonferrous metals. By giving full play to resources, the Federation can complete experiments according to the standard requirements and promote the resumption of work and production of the industry. At the same time, the petrochemical Federation has set up a mutual aid platform for members to resume work and production, such as an environmental friendly refrigerant platform, to guide and promote the resumption of work and production of the industry and help member units solve the difficulties and problems encountered in technology, general materials, logistics and so on

Wu Fu also spoke highly of the paint Association's fruitful work for the government, industry and enterprises based on the industry and serving the overall situation. 5. Shut down the machine according to the procedural requirements after the operation. He said that during the epidemic, the paint association actively reflected the urgent problems of industry enterprises, guided industry enterprises to resume production in an orderly manner, and carried out a series of innovative, distinctive and influential work, which is worth learning from

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