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Petrochemicals: basic chemical products fell the most

among the 45 chemical products tracked this week, propylene, ethylene, natural rubber and pulse fatigue testing machine are the products with a large increase. They are mainly suitable for static compression test and dynamic unidirectional pulsation fatigue test of various large parts such as bridges, trusses, automobile chassis, front and rear axles, locomotive frames, chassis and various concrete structural parts PP (general) Yangtze River Delta

crude oil is expected to fluctuate in the range of $85-90/barrel. The settlement price of NYMEX crude oil futures on the 10th of this month was $87.79. What is particularly important is the environmental protection characteristics of low VOC and low fog/barrel, down 1.57% from last week. In terms of crude oil inventory, the US Energy Agency released crude oil inventory of about 355million barrels last week, a decrease of 3.82 million barrels compared with last week, but gasoline and distillate oil inventories rose month on month. In terms of demand, the cold weather in the United States and Europe has increased the demand for heating oil, which is also a hot spot in the recent market. In terms of the US dollar index, the US dollar still maintained a strong momentum, and the crude oil price has always faced callback pressure. It is expected that the future crude oil will be in the range of 85-90 US dollars/barrel. 7 Special surgical instruments and materials preparation technology

the price of soda ash continued to fall. The quotation of light soda ash in the Yangtze River Delta on the 10th was 2000 yuan/ton, down 6.98% year-on-year. The soda ash market was generally depressed, and the market was mainly bearish. Under the background of overcapacity, the increase in the operating rate of enterprises significantly increased the inventory, so the price of soda ash was facing greater callback pressure. From the perspective of demand, downstream demand has not been significantly improved, and the price of soda ash is expected to continue to fall in the future

engineering plastics are dominated by shocks. This week, engineering plastics rose or fell, with polyethylene falling by 1.35%, polypropylene rising by 2.24%, and polyvinyl chloride (acetylene method) falling by 4.19%. The price of engineering plastics remained volatile, and the range of price fluctuations was not large. Recently, crude oil prices have shown a volatile pattern, with petrochemical products such as ethylene and propylene rising. It is expected that the price of engineering plastics will be dominated by shocks in the future

urea fell mainly. In the early stage, the urea price was high, and the adjustment of export tariffs prompted enterprises to pay attention to the domestic market. Although urea manufacturers reduced the urea price one after another, the transaction situation was relatively poor, and the winter storage market in Northeast China has not been started. It is expected that the price of urea will continue to fall

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