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The largest petrochemical exhibition in Asia will be held in Shanghai in August. From August 26 to 28, 2014, the Sixth China (Shanghai) International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe), the largest petrochemical exhibition in Asia, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the same time of the exhibition, the sixth oil, gas and chemical technology and equipment Summit Forum will be held, with a view to building an exchange platform for high-end petrochemical engineering, petrochemical supply chain optimization and upgrading, new trends of LNG industry, energy development strategy, digital manufacturing technology of petrochemical industry, etc. The organizing committee cooperated with HRB Jiangsu Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai Petroleum Society, Shanghai Pudong New Area Engineer Association, Chinese Academy of engineering, CNPC Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute, China Petroleum Association, Southwest Petroleum University and other institutions, and invited more than 150 tight range and pressure relationship tests: domestic and foreign petroleum, chemical, equipment manufacturing enterprises according to the preset schedule The industry elites of scientific research institutes attended the meeting to share their experience

the international petrochemical equipment and materials procurement forum and cippe procurement round table will be held at the same time of the exhibition. The theme of the activity is supply chain optimization and industrial upgrading. Through keynote speeches, round table discussions, one-on-one meetings and other interactive links, we will jointly discuss the market development trends of Sinopec logistics and supply chain industry, learn benchmarking enterprise management cases, and position development opportunities. The forum will invite experts in the practice of chemical supply chain to make an in-depth analysis of the strategic position of China's chemical industry in the global context. Topics covered include the current situation and future outlook of Sinopec's supply chain, best practices and optimization of supply chain management, chemical logistics, warehousing solutions, etc. At that time, the participants will share the latest academic research results and practical experience brought by the supply chain of China's petrochemical industry, help supply chain service providers recognize the future development direction of the supply chain, further explore the upgrading and innovation path of China's petroleum and chemical industry, strengthen the exchange and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain of the oil and chemical industry, and promote procurement, distribution logistics The continuous improvement of all links of the supply chain, such as financial services, helps the continuous improvement of the supply chain management mode and boosts the integration and reform of the supply chain

with the application and promotion of natural gas, the domestic LNG equipment manufacturing industry is also developing rapidly. The equipment in the fields of LNG production and reception, transportation, gas station integration, and water gas replacing oil, including engines, compressors, fixed and mobile storage tanks, LNG carriers and filling stations, as well as LNG vaporizers and low-temperature heat exchangers, will be further developed. The water transportation industry has entered the LNG era with huge market potential. In order to better promote the development of China's LNG industry, the 2014 international LNG conference held at the same time of the exhibition will focus on the development trend of the LNG industry, market analysis and LNG ships, and provide an in-depth exchange platform to discuss the new trend of the LNG Industry under the new situation with many scholars and experts around the key LNG equipment and LNG ship technology, LNG safety norms and standards. At that time, Zhai Guangming, deputy director of the information center of CNPC, Luo pingya, director of oil well completion technology, and other experts will elaborate and analyze the development trend of LNG industry

in addition, Asia's largest petrochemical exhibition will also be held at the same time. From the perspective of the U.S. energy independence strategy, China's energy security science and Technology Salon and the application of digital manufacturing technology in the petrochemical equipment manufacturing field will also be held at the same time

China (Shanghai) International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition is a regular meeting of the international petroleum and petrochemical industry and the world's highest level exhibition certified by the international exhibition alliance UFI, with an exhibition area of 38000 square meters. Cippe Shanghai Petrochemical exhibition brings together the most advanced products, technologies and solutions in the petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry at home and abroad, and has become the focus of attention and pursuit of many Chinese enterprises, manufacturers and fast cutting brass: customers with more than 335 can use 20KN (1) 00kn according to the thickness of copper tubes or rods

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