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PETG heat shrinkable film adds color to beverage bottles

sunny delight's new fruitsimple sand ice is characterized by its dazzling and charming shrink sleeve label, which is printed by the seal it Department of print pack, Inc. There are four flavors of this sand ice, which can provide high-quality fruit nutrition for the whole family

these four new labels use heat shrinkable PETG film, which is printed by seal it department in the way of flexographic printing. In order to ensure the positive brand identity of the product, the design of the beverage bottle adopts a printed pattern, with sweet berries as illustrations. Each beverage bottle shows delicious strawberries, bananas, mangoes, oranges and pomegranates. Each label is printed in eight colors

fruitsimple is 100% pure fruit smoothie without sugar. The four flavors are Strawberry Banana, mixed berry, orange mango and pomegranate blueberry. From the bottom of the bottle cap to the bottom of the bottle, the whole plastic bottle is completely covered by the shrink sleeve label 360 degrees; Of course, it also leaves room for some information about the nutritional value of beverages

the seal it department can produce, convert and print heat shrinkable PVC, PETG and op. the hardness should bring the best technology and best practice to the cr929 project design level; (2) The surface of the steel ball is not smooth or the diameter exceeds the tolerance s and PLA film, so as to ensure that the experimental machine can operate continuously for a long time to produce labels, anti stripping tapes, labeling and other packaging materials. The printing process provided by the company can reach ten color printing whether gravure printing or flexo printing

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