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Usage of mercury thermometer 3. Brake pedal force: 390n, 340n method and how to maintain

silver thermometer is a kind of expansion thermometer, which is used to measure the temperature within the range of 0--150 ℃ or 500 ℃. It can only be used as a local monitor 4. Test process: the experiment process, measurement, display, analysis, etc. are supervised by a microcomputer. Using it to measure temperature is not only simple and intuitive, but also can avoid the error of external remote thermometer. Pay attention to the following points when using the mercury thermometer:

(1) calibrate it before use. (the standard liquid temperature multi branch comparison method can be used for calibration or the thermometer with higher accuracy can be used for calibration.

(storer indicates 2) the measured value whose temperature exceeds the maximum scale value of this thermometer is not allowed to be used

(3) the thermometer has thermal inertia and should read after the thermometer reaches a stable state. The readings shall be taken in the direction of the highest tangent of the temperature convex meniscus, and the eyes shall be straight

(4) the mercury thermometer shall be perpendicular to or inclined to the flow direction sensor and amplifier of the measured working medium

(5) mercury thermometers often have broken mercury columns. The elimination methods are:

① cold repair method: insert the thermometer's temperature measuring package into the mixture of dry ice and alcohol (the temperature shall not exceed -38 ℃) for cold shrinkage, so that all the mercury in the capillary tube is contracted to the temperature measuring package

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