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Usage and maintenance precautions of powder weighing scale

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structure and use of powder metering scale

powder metering scale consists of hopper, support, sensor and pneumatic discharge valve (some models use screw conveyor) The corresponding powder scale is mainly selected according to the mixing host. The powder metering scale is mainly used in concrete, stabilized soil mixing plant, pulping plant and dry powder mortar production line. The detection of cement cable fault has become a problem that must be solved, such as coal ash. The operation, commissioning mode and function of the control system of the single scale metering system are consistent with those of the batching machine, and both the station and the single mixer can be equipped. In order to prevent the pressure change in the scale bucket and measurement error caused by powder feeding and unloading, a pressure release vent is set at the top of the powder metering scale. The capacity of the powder metering scale can simultaneously meet the requirements of cement, pulverized coal and other powder ash accumulation metering, for example, to overcome the weight gain and environmental pollution caused by the deicing of the internal wiring, so as to avoid the phenomenon that it is difficult to mix evenly directly into the tank due to the small amount of admixture. The powder weighing scale can also automatically complete the measurement, filling and packaging of uniform particles and powder materials in previous years. It is suitable for the metering and packaging of granular and powdery materials, such as veterinary drugs, powdery additives, white granulated sugar, glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, solid medicine, toner, talcum powder, dyes, essence and spices

ensure the accuracy of the powder weighing scale during transportation

install the weighing sensor on the scale frame: when installing the weighing sensor on the scale frame, the screws must be fastened, and the installation position of the sensor must be adjusted to make the force uniform. Install the scale frame on the metering rack: install the scale frame on the metering rack, adjust the level, make the metering rack bear uniform force, and tighten the screws. Connecting the signal cables of weighing and speed measuring sensors: when connecting the signal cables of weighing and speed measuring sensors, it is necessary to avoid strong current and other interference sources, and the wire connectors should be wrapped to avoid wire breakage, short circuit and other faults

daily inspection steps of powder metering scale

1. Check whether the idler operates normally

2. Check whether the belt deviates and adjust it in time

3. Check whether the polyurethane of the belt occupies a considerable share in the building insulation material market and whether the tension meets the requirements

4. Check whether the scale body is clean and whether there is ash accumulation on the scale frame

5. Check whether the rubber on the belt surface falls off and whether there are cracks in the vertical and horizontal directions

6. Check whether the sensor is jammed with large particles, and whether the baffle presses the sensor

7. Check whether the running speed of the belt is within the normal range and whether the speed is too low

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