Usage of krypton lamp of the hottest laser marking

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How to use krypton lamp of laser marking machine

how to use krypton lamp of laser marking machine: turn off the water cooler and the laser power supply. Open the upper three cavity covers and take out the lamp or crystal to be replaced. The lightweight structure can reduce the weight by up to 50%. The design method of micro extrusion die for polymer multi cavity tubes that are more oriented to medical treatment is put in after replacement and installed with the cavity cover. Turn on the water cooler and the laser power supply, and adjust the laser power supply current to about (15~20) a. Place a small piece of wood or black paper between the front diaphragm and the beam expander, and you should see the spot formed by laser ablation. If not, slightly adjust the three knobs of the front diaphragm holder until the light spot appears. After the laser is debugged, the three knobs of the front diaphragm frame should be adjusted repeatedly to make the light spot strongest. If the laser is too strong and the brightness is too high to be observed, the power supply current can be reduced. Turn off the laser power

special attention: time for replacing krypton lamp. The factory instruction of krypton lamp in the laser indicates that the service life of krypton lamp is 300 hours. However, due to different service conditions of users, the above time cannot be used as the only basis for replacing krypton lamp. With the increase of service time, krypton lamp will have higher requirements on the valve. The luminous efficiency will decline, and the laser output will also weaken. In order to obtain sufficient laser output, many users will increase the current of the laser power supply to enhance the luminescence of krypton lamp, which will accelerate the aging of krypton lamp, form a vicious cycle in the body, and sometimes lead to lamp explosion. In order to prevent this phenomenon, it is recommended that the user decide whether to replace the krypton lamp according to the following methods. When a new krypton lamp is replaced, record the laser power ammeter value during normal marking as the standard current value. When krypton lamp is aging gradually, increase the laser power supply current output, but the ammeter value shall not exceed 1.25 times of the standard current value. For example, when marking with a new krypton lamp, the current value is 20A. After a period of use, if the current value is increased to 25a and the marking still fails, the krypton lamp should be replaced

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