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In the past year, "whole house customization" has entered the attention of consumers as a new category. Insiders have shown that this is related to the increasingly fierce demand of consumers for integrated home decoration in recent years

in terms of the occupation of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the increasing brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the market have displayed the slogan of full house customization. In order to seize more market share, strengthening commodity planning has also become a major starting point of the brand

first, customized opening

with the development of society and the rapid development of science and technology, consumers pay more and more attention to the progress of daily taste. On the basis of being exquisite and useful, furniture has increasingly highlighted its artistic value and aesthetic function. Some insiders also said, "for modern people, furniture is not only a kind of supplies, but also represents an attitude towards life." As an upgraded version of all home furnishings, the whole house customization has outstanding characteristics. It pays attention to the in-depth communication with consumers in the planning process, and can fully contact consumers' daily habits and aesthetic norms. Therefore, at present, whole house customization is increasingly recognized by consumers

second, the future of whole house customization

there is no doubt that whole house customization is a Furniture Customization planning service, which is customized according to consumers' functions, characteristics and planning requirements. This kind of customized furniture can not only make use of various spaces in the home, but also match the whole home environment. If all aluminum alloy doors and windows are customized, aluminum alloy doors and windows are seamless with the whole decoration characteristics, and can also be customized according to the characteristics of the owner, fully reflecting the owner's taste

III. how to enter the company

in the traditional marketing form, aluminum alloy door and window companies usually follow the trend of aluminum alloy doors and windows to develop and produce aluminum alloy doors and windows based on simple market research. However, the aluminum alloy doors and windows produced in this form do not meet the requirements in terms of scale, that is, the style cannot meet your preferences. The whole house customization subdivides the market into its own and plans aluminum alloy doors and windows according to its own requirements. Consumers are one of the planners of aluminum alloy doors and windows. You can make some specific requests according to your hobbies, such as color allocation, characteristic standards, etc.

in the future, consumers' need for one-stop home decoration solutions will become more and more intense, and the whole house customization will usher in a broad space for development. For aluminum alloy door and window brands, it is urgent to improve their commodity planning ability and give priority to seize business opportunities





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