Xiaonizi's 30 day mud wood decoration diary

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Home decoration generally goes through four steps: Hydropower Engineering, clay tile engineering, carpentry engineering and paint engineering. The previous article introduced the whole process of the construction of xiaonizi's house and water and electricity. Today, let's take a look at the mud tiles and carpentry after water and electricity. I don't know whether xiaonizi can still be as lucky and smooth as before

house information: 100 ㎡

decoration style: Jane Europe

decoration method: half package

community: Yuanmei village, county

decoration progress: mud wood engineering

decoration duration: 30 days

May 27, 2015

materials will be transported today, and bricklayers will enter the site. The hearing worker said that the foreman arranged to smash the wall where the water heater was installed in the bathroom. My God? Hit the wall again! The sound of the electric pick is terrible! Afraid of having problems, the neighbors came and decided to stay at the construction site. The mechanic carried cement, sand, stone and red bricks. I stood on the construction site for the most meaningless afternoon, wearing high heels

May 27, 2015

geothermal backfilling. First spread with stones, and then level with sand and cement. I want to lay such a thick stone, add sand and cement, and lay the floor. Will the heat be affected

May 28, 2015

today, I stopped work and found a master to open the air conditioning hole. The rust water thrown by the Rhinestone is so dirty that it is thrown all over the walls and windows, so if you can hit it in advance, you must hit it early. Plug it with foam, and then brush it with white wallpaper, which will not ventilate or affect the appearance. In the future, install the air conditioner and go out with a poke. The master looked at our RiFeng tube and said that the gray one is engineering tube, and the white one is the best




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