Simple layout of spiritual residence, home of prim

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People will grow slowly. With the passage of time, the understanding of home is also changing quietly. This accumulation can make home richer as experience is for people

try to show the original charm of the space is the owner's attitude towards the home

design in invisibility

maybe people have a lot of experience. After being young and frivolous, they begin to like a calm tone. Too simple shape and light color can't afford the owner's inner requirements for home. Running around makes the home provide a comfortable harbor, so that the tired body can be relaxed at any time, and the spirit can also find the feeling of conversion. Home is not a temporary resting place, nor is it the crystallization of the vigorous love between two people anymore, but a quiet place in a plain place, which can be without gorgeous decoration and strong emotion. It just wants to be a spiritual residence with sincerity and warmth

small notebooks and instant cameras record the rich life every day

even if people no longer live in a fixed place and travel around the world, home will be the last place to release their true self and abandon the worldly complexity. This time, Yang Yang didn't transform the structure wantonly, but restored the original house type, and changed the original open structure into a big one bedroom to the original pattern of two bedrooms and one living room. Only the two walls of the guest bedroom were replaced by the towering bookshelves, which could not help but make the books that Yang Yang tossed around have a place to live, and the light through the natural gap between the bookshelves also well increased the permeability of the small space, The small bedroom is not only comfortable, but also accompanied by scholarly fragrance





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