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Decoration is a complicated project, and each space function needs to be carefully considered in design. The bathroom is the most frequently accessed space for families, so the decoration of the bathroom cannot be ignored. In fact, the decoration of the bathroom not only needs to consider the aesthetics, but also needs to consider the practical functions of the bathroom. So are there any skills to follow in the decoration of the bathroom? Today, Xiaobian will summarize some bathroom decoration skills for home decoration owners, so that the decoration owners can clearly know where to save money and where not to save money

bathroom decoration skills: the floor is not saved, and the facade is saved.

people have the longest contact with the ground, and generally do not have direct contact with the wall, so the choice of floor materials should pay attention to quality, and the floor is recommended to be waterproof! When the bathroom is decorated, the floor tiles can choose brand products. And wall tiles can choose general brands, which saves a lot of money. In addition, the tile, waist line and top line can decide whether to save or not according to your own needs. Generally, these are decorative

the switch of bathroom decoration skills does not save sockets.

when choosing switches and sockets during bathroom decoration, you must not save money indiscriminately, and you need to distinguish the situation. When selecting the switch, buy a good brand, and the socket can choose an ordinary brand. The reason is that the use frequency of the switch is high, and the requirements for quality are also high, and the switch is generally installed in a prominent position, requiring excellent decorative effect. The socket in the bathroom is generally used at a low frequency, and the socket is usually installed in a concealed position, so there is no high requirement for decoration. The number of switches in the whole house is generally only a few, while the number of sockets is often dozens, which can greatly save expenses

strengthening daylighting in bathroom decoration skills

in bathroom decoration, light should be skillfully used in order to better change the sense of space. Bright lighting can make people feel the improvement of space, while dim light will make people feel narrow and uncomfortable. In addition, the bathroom can also enhance the indoor lighting by opening windows. For example, the partition and sliding door between the bathroom and other indoor spaces can be made of frosted glass, painted glass, single-sided glass and other glass materials. This can not only save space, but also improve the lighting of the bathroom, killing two birds with one stone

make good use of the corner of bathroom decoration skills

bathroom decoration also needs to reasonably plan the corner space, which can not only give full play to its maximum utilization value, but also improve the artistry of the whole home environment. The corner of the wall is the most difficult place for people to walk through, that is, it is the most suitable place for arranging some functional areas, such as basins, toilets, and lockers. Making good use of the corner can increase the sense of space in the bathroom and make it look brighter. The advantage of this arrangement is that it can not only increase the visual sense of space, but also increase the comfort of the shower




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