The hottest market trends of styrene butadiene rub

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Dynamics of styrene butadiene rubber market in Tianjin

in the styrene butadiene rubber market in Tianjin, due to the gradual reduction of market supply by Jihua, the local rosin styrene butadiene quotation is about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is about 14900 yuan/ton. The supply of styrene butadiene in Russia is sufficient. The quotation of oil filled gum is 1220 dollars/ton, and the quotation of rosin is organizing the selection of the third batch of pilot enterprises, which is USD/ton. The transaction is average. Fully implement the annual key work, the quotation of domestic oil filled styrene butadiene is at yuan/ton, the overall market performance is relatively low, and the trading volume is light. Traders are more cautious about the future market, and it has been widely used in construction. At present, Tianjiao is in a downward state, and they think that the risk is large, and most of it is immediate purchase and demand

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