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Marketing and service upgrading Doosan 9C new product trial effect first sight

marketing and service upgrading Doosan 9C new product trial effect first sight

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at the beginning of 2016, Doosan construction machinery launched 13 new models of 9C series excavators that meet the national three emission standards for the Chinese market. In order to help more customers fully understand the advantages and characteristics of 9C series new products, Doosan construction machinery launched a free trial of 20t 9C series excavators in July 2016, bringing new technologies and equipment to customers. Doosan construction machinery directly provided the equipment for this free trial activity. The trial period was as long as one month. At the same time, the scope of the trial area and the number of trials broke the historical record. This free trial of excavators has a total of 3 rounds, each one month, a total of 3 months, covering 12 regions including Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and Shaanxi. The number of applicants is nearly 2600, with about 15 ~ 20 people in each phase. As of the end of the active exit from inefficient production, 52 customers in many regions across the country have experienced the new products of Doosan 9C series excavators at close range

on the left is Doosan user Mr. lichuande

Mr. lichuande, who has been engaged in municipal engineering for a long time in Changsha, is an important user of Doosan excavators and has purchased 6 Doosan excavators. After receiving the news of the trial, Li Chuande immediately contacted Doosan's agent in Changsha Changsha Hengxin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and decided to purchase dx150lc-9c excavators of the same series with different tonnage less than a week after the trial of DXC. When asked about the experience of the trial product, Li Chuande confidently said that we are very familiar with the product performance of Doosan. Compared with the previous models, the appearance and performance of the DXC excavator in this trial have changed greatly, with a larger cab space and a better vision. It is particularly worth mentioning that DXC with EFI engine is more economical. Compared with the previous generation of models with the same tonnage, it can save about 1L of fuel per hour. Mr. Song Shiqiang, who comes from Jinan, Shandong Province and has accurate measurement data results, is mainly engaged in construction and municipal traffic engineering. He currently has six excavators, three of which are of Doosan brand, including two Doosan DH225LC-7 excavators and one Doosan DXC excavator. This Doosan DXC excavator was purchased after this trial activity. When talking about why I chose to buy this Doosan product, song Shiqiang said that I mainly do earthwork, so I pay special attention to the cost performance of the equipment. Doosan DXC excavator is a product told by the owner of a classic children's clothing store. Many peers around are using it. They recommended this equipment to me. After trial use, I feel that this EFI equipment has a large bucket capacity, strong power and faster loading speed

on the left is Mr. Liu Shibing, a user of Doosan.

Mr. Liu Shibing from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province is mainly engaged in municipal road engineering. Before 2015, he purchased excavators of other brands. After Doosan launched the new 9C series excavators, Liu Shibing successively purchased a dx300lc-9c and a dx260lc-9c. After learning about this trial activity from Shaanxi jinjundoushan mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., Liu Shibing signed up and began the trial of dx220lc-9c excavator in August 2016. When asked about his feelings about the free trial project of Doosan, Liu Shibing said that for host manufacturers, being able to provide free trials must be very confident in their products. For users, free trial activities are more grounded than zero down payment, and users have no burden, which is helpful to understand the actual performance of products. Before the end of the interview, Liu Shibing stressed to me that I am very satisfied with the appearance, fuel consumption and excavation efficiency of the dx220lc-9c excavator on trial this time. In recent months, I will purchase a few more Doosan equipment according to the quantities

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