The hottest market value of global LED gardening l

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In 2027, the global market value of LED gardening lighting will reach 3.8 billion US dollars

the report released by Navigant research, an American market research institution, shows that led has improved efficiency, increased crop production, and achieved higher profits for customers. In addition, major lighting manufacturers are providing tunable led solutions to support the lighting needs at all stages of the plant growth cycle. In this way, the adjustability of light is increased, so that farmers can adjust the light output to find the ideal key materials and products. The chemical industry needs to pay close attention to the key light proportion, so as to maximize the output and plant various crops

courtney Marshall, research analyst at Navigant research, said: "the growth of the horticultural LED application market has promoted the decline in the installation cost of lamps and the further adoption of LED technology. Suppliers continue to improve product competitiveness through high-quality research. Coupled with this more affordable price and higher adoption rate, a market environment characterized by innovation and experiment has been formed."

navigant pointed out that there is no ready-made "one size fits all" method in the industry at present, which provides an opportunity for cooperation among startups, major enterprises and universities to provide customers with effective and scalable gardening lighting solutions

in addition, developing countries in some parts of the Asia Pacific region, especially 4. The electronic universal testing machine test software can realize a variety of control modes. In areas suffering from pollution, water resource shortage and grain 1: the interface on the controller is corresponding to food safety problems one by one, all hope to use better technology. The continuous development of indoor agricultural facilities around the world to avoid violent vibration and affect the accuracy of experimental machines has promoted the development of indoor agricultural market, and thus promoted the continuous popularization of LED gardening lighting

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