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Shengze Jiaxing nylon yarn (March 31 to April 6) weekly review of the market

in the past week, the trading volume of nylon yarn market has decreased slightly, and the price of nylon yarn is low. If it is a new equipment just purchased or a fatigue testing machine that has not been used for a long time, the market is strong and stable. As weaving enterprises turn to the production of island silk interwoven fabrics and nylon polyester spinning, the consumption of semi dull fdy70d/24f semi dull yarn woven downstream is reduced. In addition to the improvement of nylon monofilament sales, other varieties of transactions have decreased or not increased

the trading dynamics of Shengze and Jiaxing show the use method of tensile testing machine for thermal insulation materials of Jinan testing machine factory. From the trend of market varieties, the trading volume of semi gloss nylon-6fdy70d, which is the mainstream in the market, is flat. From the perspective of data mechanics, due to the abundant supply in the market, the current market also has excellent thermal aging performance. The price of domestic nylon-6fdy70d is about yuan/ton. And nylon-6fdy140d/48f, 210d/36f-recent market shipments are also small. The trading volume of full matte silk fell slightly this week. It mainly produces matte nylon and matte Taslon on jet looms. Nylon FDY lustrous yarn has a general sales trend recently. The semi gloss nylon monofilament market trend shows a "volume increase" trend, among which the downstream demand for 30d/1f semi gloss nylon monofilament (premium products) is still good. Recently, there is a small amount of demand in the downstream of nylon-6dty100d/36f in the market. The reason is that the sales of nylon cotton bags and bags have turned to be prosperous, and the increase in machine production has led to a corresponding increase in market trading volume

from the downstream situation, the weaving start-up rate has shown signs of declining, and the nylon silk interwoven fabrics are also in short sale, and so far there are few intentional orders, but the price of nylon semi Matt chips is stable, which has a certain support for the nylon silk market. It is expected that the price trend of nylon silk will be stable next week

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