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Marketing leads China Yituo Kuai Ma to take the lead in innovation and win the first opportunity

marketing leads China Yituo Kuai Ma to take the lead in innovation and win the first opportunity

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Guide: at present, China is gradually changing from agricultural mechanization to mechanized agriculture, and the agricultural machinery industry has undergone profound changes. As a bridge and link between enterprises and users, marketing will play an important role. As a leading agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, in 2014, China's first tractor marketing chariot

at present, China is gradually changing from "agricultural mechanization" to "mechanized agriculture", and the agricultural machinery industry has undergone profound changes. As a bridge and link between enterprises and users, marketing will play an important role. As a leading agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, in 2014, China Yituo took advantage of the year of the horse to lead the "horse" and drive China Yituo on the road of service upgrading, product upgrading and quality upgrading

make "Dongfanghong" brand and users more intimate

on February 8, China Yituo marketing system held a pledge mobilization meeting for all marketing personnel at Luoyang headquarters. Talk about the situation, tasks, experience, requirements, goals and incentives. The crowd is excited and full of confidence. Zhuweijiang, deputy general manager of Yituo Co., Ltd., said: China Yituo will win user satisfaction with professional terminal marketing services

in 2014, China started to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire marketing system in the construction of electronic service platforms, customer experience, parts sales and other aspects. It is the endless pursuit of every marketing service personnel on the new journey to make the Dongfanghong brand closer to the hearts of users

in order to solve the difficult problems that may exist in the service process, on February 12, China Yituo held "remote fault image upload system and remote video training" for all marketing service personnel who are about to go to the market at the marketing operation command and Exhibition Center

during the training process, remote fault pictures are uploaded and pictures, words or audio are transmitted through the 3G network system. When the user's product has a complex fault of "difficult and miscellaneous diseases" or "urgent and dangerous", the fault handling center organizes service experts to conduct "collective consultation" and formulate maintenance plans. This is an important measure taken by China Yituo to quickly respond to users, solve users' demands and upgrade services. The upgraded call center includes remote training system, vehicle GPS management platform, remote image upload system, etc., which can realize many functions such as integrated business manual seats, customized automatic voice services, user information management, complaint early warning response, etc

after experiencing the advanced electronics such as GPS satellite positioning, dynamic real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis of end-user products, remote image uploading system, and rapid sorting out of product faults (2) Southwest Aluminum and South South aluminum processing developed the 9-meter aluminum alloy integral ring service for launch vehicles respectively, Yan Linjiao, general manager of China first tractor, put forward a clear goal: China First Tractor should make users feel more convenient, more comfortable More considerate service

in order to make users more convenient and comfortable to enjoy high-quality services, in 2014, China Yituo expanded its service connotation and improved its service value, and launched the first policy in the national agricultural machinery industry to extend the "Three Guarantees" period of the whole machine to two years; At the same time, China Yituo will carry out nearly 100 technological upgrades on the basis of the original products in succession to better provide customers with high-quality products and services. This is another important service measure made by China Yituo to meet the needs of users and lead the agricultural machinery industry

in the future, China Yituo will continue to improve the level of service work from the aspects of software and hardware. China Yituo 500 service stations and 10 accessory centers form a service network; The electronic customer service platform connects users with China through Internet and mobile Internet; A professional service team of more than 600 people, mainly technical experts, service engineers and maintenance technicians, provides the most reliable and considerate service guarantee for every "Dongfanghong" user

keeping up with market demand and winning competition opportunities

discovering and meeting demand is the true embodiment of every marketing personnel of China YITUO Group to practice the concept of "creating value for users". In recent years, China Yituo has increased its market development efforts. Guided by market and user needs, it subdivides regions, users, environment, ecological conditions and regional characteristics. Hundreds of professional marketing and technical personnel rush to the vast fields of China to provide detailed information for the R & D and improvement of "Dongfanghong" products

in order to better meet the needs of Chinese customers, China Yituo has closely combined the demand changes collected from the market with the agricultural development trend, and raised the manufacturing level of the entire tractor industry through the improvement of technical standards. In recent years, it has led the leapfrog upgrading of China's agricultural machinery in terms of independent research and development and breakthroughs in core technologies such as tractor power shift and stepless transmission. It is reported that after the launch of power shift tractors, many foreign similar products have reduced prices by more than 30%, which has effectively improved the competitiveness of China's agricultural machinery products

the new generation of Dongfanghong power shift large wheelbarrow products held work demonstrations in key markets such as Xinjiang and Heilongjiang, and users felt the charm of Dongfanghong products from a close distance. In order to meet the changes in subsidy policies and the demand for deep ploughing in winter wheat areas, China Yituo timely launched Dongfanghong ly1104 and lx1104/1204j products; Launched economic Dongfanghong 504/554 products for paddy field area, improving the competitiveness of paddy field area; For the needs of intertillage management in Xinjiang cotton fields, Dongfanghong 500h/550h products were launched; At the same time, Dongfanghong 900 (narrow track) me series products are launched to meet various agronomic needs

the successful mass launch of a series of new products has provided a good support for the sustainable development of China Yituo. In 2013, the sales of one tractor of large and medium size in China reached more than 100000 units, continuing to maintain the first market share; The cumulative sales of diesel engines reached nearly 200000 units, continuing to maintain a double-digit growth

in 2014, while strengthening the tractor business, China Yituo will further subdivide the market and products, strengthen the research on the demand for local characteristic agricultural products, such as the mechanized operation demand of economic crops such as carrots, corn, potatoes, cotton, forest and fruit industry, and drive the growth of sales of special-purpose tractors

innovative marketing mode creates value for users

"creating value for users" is an important driving force for Yituo, as a domestic agricultural machinery leader, to always lead the continuous progress and upgrading of China's agricultural machinery. China Yituo takes the initiative to adapt to users and the market with "change", innovates the new marketing mode in the transition period of "post subsidy era", completes the rapid transformation from completely relying on project subsidies to relying on terminal sales and giving consideration to project subsidies, opens up the channel for dealers to directly attack terminal sales, and establishes a dual brand and dual channel marketing mode

2013, in the process of paying close attention to the development of the disaster, the marketing service personnel of Yituo tractor combined the functional advantages of "Dongfanghong" tractor in the local mud with the disaster relief work, timely assisted the local government and the affected people to gather 252 Dongfanghong high-power tractors to participate in the flood relief and rescue, and played a big role in the flood relief and Embankment Consolidation of Qinglong mountain in Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. The scene of "Dongfanghong" product group fighting at the flood fighting scene has added pride and confidence to a drag of people

China Yituo has strengthened the brand upgrading of marketing channels. It has broad prospects for utilization and enhanced customer experience in the fields of human-computer interaction system, electronic skin, human motion monitoring system and so on. In 2014, China Yituo moved the live simulation of the "Dongfanghong" flagship store to the business meeting site, and the participating dealers enjoyed warm reception and detailed product introduction services in Luoyang like end customers

in terms of financial innovation in agricultural machinery sales, aiming at the development of agricultural machinery industry towards high-tech and high value-added agricultural machinery products such as high-power and high-end tractors, China Yituo actively cooperates with a number of banks to introduce financial services such as financial leasing and buyer's credit financial services in agricultural machinery sales business to promote product sales and realize the extension of financial services from dealers to end users of products

in terms of market layout and marketing resource allocation, Yituo Xinjiang Modern Agricultural clothing base is speeding up the construction and improvement. Relying on the marketing channel of Yituo and the brand influence of Dongfanghong, through the pull of the host machine, we will vigorously develop complete sets of agricultural machinery products that adapt to the markets of Xinjiang and Central Asia and have business complementarity and collaborative development. Xinjiang company will develop into an advanced equipment manufacturing base integrating manufacturing, sales, service and training, research and development, and international trade

zhaoshanshui, chairman of China Yituo, once said that the rapid development of China Yituo benefits from its keen attention to farmers. In the future, China Yituo will continue to create more value for users and make greater contributions to the development of China's agricultural machinery industry by improving marketing, strengthening quality improvement, accelerating the comprehensive promotion of technology research and development and other work in the process of implementing the core values of "producing the first experimental instruments and equipment products, cultivating the first talents, and creating the first performance"

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