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Boye, the "hometown of paint", welcomes the transformation of environmental protection

Boye, the "hometown of paint", welcomes the transformation of environmental protection

December 13, 2013

[China paint information] Baoding Boye county Party committee publicized, but a few years later, the Ministry revealed on the 12th that with the foundation laying construction of the Xiaodian chemical industrial park with an investment of 300million yuan, five chemical enterprises, including Baoding jinnuoxin chemical coating Co., Ltd. and Hebei jielino coating Co., Ltd., were the first to enter the park, The paint industry of the county has completely bid farewell to the traditional chemical products that pollute the atmosphere

in recent years, Boye county has taken the construction of Xiaodian Chemical Industrial Park as a breakthrough in economic transformation, and clearly put forward that it is cleaner to focus on the production of environmental friendly chemical coatings and promote the development of the industry in the direction of technology, environmental protection and high-end. Let's have a detailed understanding of them. While accepting advantageous enterprises, enterprises with pollution of atmosphere and groundwater are not allowed to enter, enterprises with backward products and high energy consumption are not allowed to enter, and enterprises with potential safety hazards are not allowed to enter if damaged. It is understood that from next year, dozens of enterprises producing environmental friendly chemical coatings will successively settle in Boye

the paint chemical industry in Boye County started in the 1970s. In the 1990s, it had more than 200 paint enterprises of all kinds, and was once named "hometown of paint" by the provincial government

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