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Marketing is like a chess game: "plan, calculate, and decide"

marketing is like a chess game: "plan, calculate, and decide"

September 26, 2014

[China paint information] although it is not like a bloody battlefield with swords and horses wrapped in corpses, the marketing battlefield without gunpowder smoke is nothing short of earth shaking and soul stirring. The same winner is the king, the loser is the enemy, and there is no retreat when you die, The same strategy will win thousands of miles

marketing is like a chess game: the layout is poor, the whole is passive, the middle game is miscalculated, the game is lost, and the final instability destroys the overall situation

In a dynamic market, you never know whether your current competitor is the weak one before. Therefore, it is most taboo to underestimate the enemy in the planning stage. No matter how cautious you are in the planning stage. Neither rush to attack, nor blindly defend, and constantly observe and test to find a suitable start

brand competition strategy is the commander-in-chief, and the success or failure of each marketing campaign determines the final pattern of the market. Brand strategy is the beginning of strategy. If you make a wrong judgment of the general situation, the best implementation will be the opposite. If you don't know your competitors, all the gunfire will lose focus. Consumer research is the core of brand strategy. Most of the time, we regard "taking consumers as the core" as a slogan, and a truly reasonable, effective and accurate brand strategy must be based on the characteristics and evolution trend of consumption patterns

in a marketing campaign, the first thing to decide is what form the brand will appear in front of consumers, what the difference between the brand and its competitors will be, whether it is the main attack or the main subject, in which direction the firepower should be concentrated, and what basic defense needs to be done to prevent backyard fires and seek a balance between attack and defense. This is strategy

second, calculate the game

the key to the middle game confrontation is "calculate", and win more. The core of chess power is not how beautiful the layout is, but how far the chess game can be calculated to ensure that each move of the opponent is under his own calculation and control, so as to ensure that the victory comes from necessity rather than chance

to put great brand ideas into the market and transform strategic advantages into market advantages requires step-by-step calculation, planning and implementation with freely settable parameters

the farther you calculate the chess game, the more likely you are to weigh the pros and cons of different moves, so as to maximize benefits. This is also the opportunity to make up for or reverse the unfavorable start. Every marketing campaign should not be self entertainment. Don't think that my marketing plan is infinitely creative and invincible in the world. To ensure winning the campaign, we must constantly speculate, deduce and simulate, so as to find a marketing plan that maximizes benefits. This is the calculation

third, the final conclusion

the key to the final conclusion is "fast, accurate and stable". To determine the victory, we should complete the final kill as soon as possible, which requires the player to complete the victory with the fastest speed and the least number of steps. If he can complete the final kill with two steps, he will never complete it with three steps, because any redundant steps may imply variables. Of course, "fast" is by no means the only requirement, and "accurate and steady" is the key to ensure victory. Think twice before you settle

the market is dynamic, and the internal and external environment, competitors, and consumption patterns are changing all the time, which requires that the marketing implementation work should also be "fast, accurate, and stable", implement each phased campaign to extend the service life of parts, and win the victory of each campaign. This is the final outcome

life is like a chess game, and marketing is like a chess game

from the formulation and implementation of brand strategy to the planning and implementation of each marketing activity, we need to have a careful sense of chess game, and do a good job in "planning", "calculating" and "finalizing", so that every marketing step can be implemented in place and with sound landing

it takes a long way for a chess player to grow into a chess king

when you take a new move, you may not know what the result will be, but after losing the game, when you lose the game, the reason is clear at a glance. Lin Youqing believes that there is no winning general in the world. If you win a game of chess, summarize and improve yourself. If you lose a game of chess, prepare for your next game of chess and the next game. Every master will fail, and then to Phi, but experience shows that. Marketing is like chess, so is the truth

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