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Recently, Duoge information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that it had successfully acquired Shanghai lin'er Culture Communication Co., Ltd. on August 1, 2016, and obtained the trademark ownership and permanent management rights of a batch of key technologies in China under its marketer brand

nowadays, with the vigorous development of big data, cloud computing and intelligent technology, the market space of cloud call center is in an explosive growth period. As an industry application for enterprises to serve customers, after more than 20 years of development, call center has completed the transition from the traditional integration mode with hardware equipment as the main body to the lightweight mode with soft switch as the main body, and is rapidly moving forward to the call 4.0 era. It is against this background that Duoge information successfully pocketed the marketer cloud call center

Duoge information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional digital marketing organization in China, with 2 branches and 3 product service divisions. Since its establishment in 2006, Duoge information has been committed to the research and development of digital marketing services and one-stop marketing system, and has creatively launched innovative marketing products such as marketing automation system, tiandihang micro marketing system and dianqianbao app. Duoge information has successfully provided continuous integrated marketing solutions for many of the world's top 500 and domestic excellent enterprises, and has established a good social image in the industry

Shanghai lin'er Culture Communication Co., Ltd. aims to quickly help enterprises build professional marketing and customer service centers. The company's marketer voice marketing system not only provides voice marketing platform, voice notification and language, but also maintains its complete voice message verification code service as a heavy surface, and has a perfect cloud call center business. In 2016, the newly revised marketers mainly have two cloud communication systems: cloud call center and intelligent voice cloud service. Among them, the cloud call center system focuses on telemarketing light applications, which are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises and telemarketing teams. It has the advantages of convenient opening, easy docking, simple and clear user interface and clear functions at a glance, and always adheres to the development concept of making the business of enterprises more cost-effective and efficient

as the fourth generation call center system, cloud call center has become an integrated enterprise integrated information service platform. The deepening of enterprises' understanding of cloud call center also increases the importance of cloud call. While improving efficiency and profits for enterprises, the professionalism and maturity of voice services and telemarketing services have also increased to a new level

after the completion of this acquisition, Duoge information will combine its rich marketing resources and networks to make the marketing home cloud call center more stable and professional, while realizing the integration of various business resources. Shen Kai, CEO of Duoge information, also said that at present, the development of cloud technology is extremely rapid, which promotes the integration of research, development, production and utilization of Taolu new materials in diesel engines and their parts. Therefore, we also attach great importance to the good development of cloud call centers in China. As a professional digital marketing organization in China, Duoge information has a leading marketing team and innovative marketing model. During the warranty period, all kinds of faults caused by the equipment's own reasons or shortcomings shall be provided with free technical services and maintenance by our party; Duoge information will adhere to principles, be brave in innovation, carefully do a good job in the marketing home cloud call center system, and dynamically adjust it at any time according to the business needs of enterprises, so as to realize customer needs more flexibly and efficiently, so that small and medium-sized enterprises and teams can establish their own call centers at a lower cost and more efficiently, and quickly enter the call 4.0 era

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