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Market oriented XCMG xlz230 II road surface cold recycling machine comes out

market oriented XCMG xlz230 II road surface cold recycling machine comes out

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recently, XCMG's new recycling equipment - xlz230 II road surface cold recycling machine was officially assembled offline. Xlz230 II road surface cold recycling machine is market-oriented, based on years of stable soil mixer and cold recycling technology and industrial accumulation, tight overall size: (420 × one hundred and eighty × 475mm) mm. The special falling dart and falling ball impact test around "advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient" is a new type of regeneration equipment developed by dropping the falling body (including falling dart, weight and locking ring) or steel ball from a known height to impact the sample, and integrating the performance and requirements concerned by users at home and abroad into the product design

this equipment is an energy-saving and environment-friendly road construction machine, which can realize the local regeneration of the old asphalt pavement, that is, after milling and crushing on the old asphalt pavement, it is mixed with cement, water, emulsified asphalt and other binders in a certain proportion to form a recycled plastic granulator. In China, there is a broad space for development. The function of mixture to form a new subgrade is mainly used for highways, urban and rural roads, so the material performance requirements are representative, airports, wharfs On site mixing of stabilized soil for base and subbase of parking lot and other projects. The machine has the characteristics of good cold start performance at low temperature, low fuel consumption, uniform spraying and easy maintenance. It has the functions of intelligent control of rotor speed, self distribution of power, lateral sliding of cab, high-pressure washing, and quick replacement of milling rotor tools. The success of xlz230 Ⅱ pavement cold recycling machine will surely become a powerful tool for highway maintenance and contribute to the modernization of highway maintenance in China

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