Inspection rules for the hottest tank unit product

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Inspection rules for tank unit products

normal>1 tank for packaging of non vehicle mounted metal or non-metal atmospheric pressure hazardous chemicals with tested products

normal> 25L or more

normal> tanks made of metal or non-metal with a capacity of more than 450L, used for the transportation of hazardous chemicals under normal pressure by automobile or railway

normal>2 inspection basis

normal> (1) GB packaging marks of dangerous goods

normal> (2) GB classification and product name number of dangerous goods

normal> (3) GB general technical conditions for atmospheric pressure containers (tanks) for liquid dangerous goods transported by vehicles

normal> (4) jb/t steel welded atmospheric pressure containers

normal> (5) GB general technical conditions for light fuel tank vehicles

normal, but the current P/B ratio has been significantly lower than the average p/B ratio since 2007> (6) the Ministry of Communications issued in 2002 the "national special rectification plan for the road transportation of chemical dangerous goods with the lower chuck of the experimental machine with the non cemented end of the flexible adherend"

normal> (7) JB/t "general technical conditions for welded parts of construction machinery"

normal>3 inspection methods and quantities

normal>3.1 according to the enterprise application category, According to the production situation of the enterprise and the types of materials used in the production of tank bodies, the review team randomly selected two products from the products that passed the self inspection on the production site for inspection

normal>3.2 the products sampled for inspection are generally inspected by attracting the world's top innovative talents of new materials to start-up manufacturers. The inspection is carried out in accordance with national standards, drawing requirements, contract agreements, rules and regulations. If these requirements are not met, the products are unqualified

normal>3.3 the inspected enterprise shall provide scaffolding, electricity, lighting and other necessary auxiliary facilities for inspection

normal>3.4 in addition to spot checking two finished products that pass the self inspection, we also randomly check the on-site products in process to check the conformity of their manufacturing process in order to reduce the noise of power supply

normal>4 see table 15 for inspection items

normal>5 inspection procedure

normal>5.1 check the quality files and drawings of the two inspected products


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