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Three principles of enterprise innovation management (1)

most companies will think that a slight modification or improvement of existing products is even a technological achievement, but these practices can not meet those companies that perform well in innovation management practice, that is, they are enough to issue new product ideas or technological breakthroughs for the whole industry

in such companies that emphasize innovation, the above goals drive the operation of the whole organization at every level

the literature on enterprise innovation is very rich. Maybe you will think that most successful enterprises in the evergreen plan should perform well in the management practice of innovation. In fact, only slightly more than half of the "successful" enterprises are like this, which also shows that the demanding and difficult requirements of innovation are by no means easy to achieve

the evergreen plan found that some myths about innovative management practices were particularly interesting. Our research shows that the success of "successful" enterprises is not related to the source of innovation. The sources of key innovations created by these enterprises may be internal R & D laboratories or external experimental tensile strength>100mpa rooms, front-line employees or management, customers or suppliers. Although some "successful" enterprises rely on one or more of the above innovation sources to succeed, none of them has been proved to be very important to all "successful" enterprises

however, the "successful" enterprises that have outstanding performance in innovation management practice often follow the following criteria: introduce destructive technologies and business models; Using new technology to strengthen all flow toughness, also known as toughness process, is not only used to design products and services; Hit yourself without hesitation

first, introduce destructive technologies and business models

good ideas are useful, and great ideas can move mountains and fill seas. The evergreen plan shows that successful enterprises that are good at innovative management practices have a very important common feature in the S-type experimental machine sensor industry, which is that they will develop destructive technologies and cause market discontinuity

of course, the scale of the idea varies, and the form varies. Most successful business ideas are to improve old products or launch mediocre but profitable new products. Such innovations are enough to keep sales and profits on track

however, for most successful companies that need two figures to be satisfied with the growth and profitability of the utilization and processing of carbon fiber materials, a little improvement is not enough. They focus more on innovations that can trigger shocking effects, so that competitors can avoid it

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