Inspection rules for the hottest metal bucket unit

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Metal bucket unit ━ steel bucket product inspection rules

normal>1 tested product

normal> (17 ~ 24) l steel bucket

normal>2 inspection basis

normal> (1) gb/t steel pails

normal> (2) gb/t determination of adhesion of paint film

normal> (3) gb/t general preparation method of paint film

normal> (4) gb/t marking method of various parts of transport packaging

normal> (5) gb/t steel drum closures of packaging containers

normal> (6) GB/T gb/t in which the specific surface area is high and the conductivity is good 98 Test method for air tightness of packaging containers

for use with infinite stroke and cylindrical shaft normal> (7) gb/t 4857 Static load stacking test method for packaging and transportation packages

normal> (8) gb/t 4857 Drop test method for packaging and transportation packages

normal>3 sampling method and quantity this technology can be called an important breakthrough in the field of carbon fiber composites

normal>3.1 the review team selects one product from the certification unit of the manufacturing enterprise for inspection

normal>3.2 from the finished product warehouse of the enterprise or the products that have passed the self inspection on the production site, 30 samples of the same specification are randomly selected (15 of which are prepared samples and sealed in the enterprise), sealed with sample seals, and the samples are properly packed, with the name of the enterprise written in the eye-catching place

normal>3.3 the sampling personnel shall fill in the sampling work sheet, the enterprise operator and the sampling personnel shall sign, and the sampling sheet shall be stamped with the official seal of the inspected enterprise

normal>3.4 the inspected enterprise shall send (send) the samples to the inspection unit within 15 days after sampling

normal>3.5 after receiving the sample, the inspection unit shall check the seal of the sample. If the seal is damaged or the sample is replaced, the inspection result shall be regarded as unqualified

normal>4 see Table 5 for inspection items

normal>5 inspection procedure

normal>5.1 take 9 sample barrels for appearance and size inspection

normal>5.2 divide the 9 sample barrels that have undergone appearance and size inspection into 3 groups of pressure testing machines, mainly including capacitive pressure testing machine and dispersed silicon pressure testing machine (3 in each group), and conduct air tightness test, hydraulic test and bail (beam) tension test respectively

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