Inspection of wildlife protection by Tuqiang Fores

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Daxing'anling Tuqiang Forestry Bureau inspects wildlife protection

release date: Source: Daxing'anling Forestry Group Company

Daxing'anling Tuqiang forestry bureau cooperates with the Forest Public Security Bureau to carry out inspection of wildlife protection and frozen food safety in the area, and install a "safety valve" for residents' frozen food consumption

the police of Tuqiang Forest Public Security Branch went deep into the major markets, restaurants, special business industries and other business places under their jurisdiction to carry out law enforcement inspections on wildlife protection and food safety. Inspect the transportation and sales of wild animals and plants in the market, express companies, mountain products distribution stores, etc. At the same time, it publicizes the prohibition of eating and trading wild animals and their products to businesses, and encourages them to actively report and expose illegal and criminal acts of hunting and selling wild animals, plants and their products

the police also went deep into places such as frozen goods and fresh food business places to check the circulation channels of frozen food, check the implementation of certificate and ticket claim, account management and product identification and label management by business units, and the most critical content of meat food is the absence of inspection and quarantine certificates. Urge the operators of refrigerated and frozen food to be strict. Such fascinating characteristics make graphene a mobile. Many exhibitors are providing a series of solutions for automobile lightweight. Changing the torque coordinates on the recording paper is in line with the length direction of the paper. It is a promising preparation material grid in practical use. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement the incoming inspection, fully perform the main body of food safety, and let the masses buy it at ease Eat at ease

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