Inspection procedures for bucket elevator

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Inspection procedures for bucket elevator

this procedure is applicable to the daily inspection of bucket elevator, plus the inspection of emerging technologies such as green and intelligent means and intelligent systems

1. inspection before operation

1) check whether all fasteners are fastened, the shell is sealed well, and the cover plates of all parts are in good condition

2) whether the tension device is appropriate

2. General trend of using plastic instead of steel as household appliance materials 3) good lubrication

2. Inspection during operation

1) the motor has no abnormal sound, vibration and overheating

2) the reducer has no abnormal vibration, abnormal sound, and whether the bearing temperature is too high for you

3) the backstop and overrunning clutch work normally

4) the traction Parts operate normally without slipping and deviation, and the hopper and other parts are free of wear

5) whether the current is normal

6) there is no abnormal sound and ash emission in the body

3. Inspection after parking

1) check the chain for cracks and fractures

2) whether the tensioning device is suitable now

3) whether the hopper nut is fastened

4) check the wear of each part

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