Inspection of flameproof electrical equipment

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Inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment

inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment includes structural inspection and explosion-proof performance test. This section focuses on the determination of the explosion pressure value borne by the flameproof shell, the test method of the flameproof performance, and the examination of the cable incoming lead-in device, etc. 1、 The structural strength test is divided into two steps: reference pressure measurement and strength test, and each cavity is carried out separately. 1. Determination of reference pressure. All kinds of electrical equipment at all levels should be tested with explosive mixtures listed in Table 1, and the explosive force produced by them should be recorded. Table 1 regulations on mixture concentration note: in the old GB test, use one or several spark plugs or other small energy ignition sources to ignite the mixture. The tests of Ⅰ, Ⅱ A and Ⅱ b electrical equipment were carried out for three times. Bayer: by 2016, the maximum explosion pressure measured by the material science plastic business or the balance of payments will be the reference pressure; Test pressure; IIC test of electrical equipment, "Two kinds of mixtures are used respectively, and five tests are carried out respectively. 2. The constant speed electromechanical converter is added to measure its reference pressure, but it is only used in a single gas environment, and the gas mixture test can be used. 2. Strength test strength test has two methods; dynamic strength test is used for the inspection unit, and it can also be used as the piece by piece test of the manufacturer; static strength test is only applicable to the manufacturer. 2.1 When this method is used for dynamic strength test, For the samples whose reference pressure has been measured, the initial pressure of the mixture can be increased or other methods can be used to test, so that the explosion pressure reaches 1.5 times of the reference pressure. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the overpressure of hydrogen and methane (exceeding the ambient atmospheric pressure) and its explosion pressure. When the reference pressure cannot be determined in advance (such as the volume is too small), the test shall be carried out with the pre pressure of 1.5 bar of explosive mixture specified in Table 1. Figure 1 shows the cylinder description. 2. The loading handle is loose and needs to be tightened; The relationship curve between hydrogen overpressure and explosion pressure when the hydrogen concentration (volume ratio) is 33% in the pointer pulsator after the main load is unloaded. Fig. 1 Relationship between overpressure value of hydrogen and explosion pressure Fig. 2 shows the relationship between overpressure value and explosion pressure of cylindrical container when hydrogen concentration (volume ratio) is 30%. Figure 2 Relationship between hydrogen overpressure value and explosion pressure figure 3 shows the relationship between pressure value and explosion pressure when the concentration (volume ratio) of methane in cylindrical containers is 10%, and the use of high gloss Plexiglas material panels is becoming more and more extensive

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