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Focusing on the optimization of paper machine system and helping the energy-saving upgrading of the paper industry

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Finnish rantek System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as rantek) is a global system integration company established by a group of Finnish papermaking experts, with a strong professional background in pulp and paper, and committed to providing energy-saving and operational optimization solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Lantek began to explore the Chinese market in 2015. After only more than three years, the annual sales of the Chinese market has increased from zero to nearly 50million euros. Its professional system solutions and services are very popular in the industry. At the 2019 China International Papermaking innovation and development forum held on October 10, 2019, lantek, as the exclusive title sponsor, gave strong support to the convening of the forum. During the conference, this magazine interviewed yangfenghui, President of rantec systems in China, to explore the leading system optimization technology of this fast-growing innovative Finnish enterprise and the mystery highly recognized by Chinese users

papermaking information: Hello, President Yang! At the 2019 China International Paper Technology Exhibition, lantek exclusively sponsored the China International Paper innovation and development forum, which is not only the feedback and support for the paper industry, but also the embodiment of lantek's great achievements in China over the years. What is lantek's view on this? What technologies and highlights of the company were highlighted in the report of the innovation forum

Yang Fenghui: let's take a look at LAN Tai 1. After entering the Chinese market, Barker has made a step by step. Up to today, it is a little famous. As for its achievements, it can't be said without the full support of China Paper Association, China paper society, media friends and partners. We also hope to take this opportunity to have in-depth and substantive cooperation and exchanges with more industry leaders, experts, users and partners

at this innovation and development forum, Wen Le, the technical sales director of lantek China, explained in detail lantek's optimization concept of vacuum and dehydration system in his speech. I think this concept must be talked about and communicated more, which will help enterprise leaders and front-line operators further understand and recognize, so as to truly bring solutions that not only save energy, but also reduce unit costs to China's pulp and paper enterprises

papermaking information: please give a few practical cases to introduce in detail. Before and after the application of lantek technology, the main technical and economic indicators of paper enterprises are compared. The degree of customer satisfaction has the advantages of high precision, wide speed regulation range, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and so on, as well as the customer's evaluation of the company's technical products

Yang Fenghui: since lantek entered China in early 2015, its annual sales have increased from 0 to nearly 400million in just over four years, and the Chinese team has increased from 1 person to nearly 30 people. Lantek technology brings not only energy saving to paper enterprises, but also the optimization of paper machine vacuum and dehydration and the improvement of paper machine operation efficiency. Here are two practical cases

a pair of insulating layers is the application of Dongguan Jinzhou, Yinzhou and Jianhui paper. At the beginning of 2018, the four paper machines of Dongguan Jinzhou Paper Co., Ltd. were first transformed with lantek vacuum and dehydration system optimization technology. At the end of that year, the two paper machines of Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd. were also optimized with lantek technology. After the transformation, the dehydration systems of these six paper machines were successfully started up, and the equipment operated well with remarkable benefits, which made users very satisfied. Driven by the demonstration of these successful application cases, in July 2019, Dongguan Yinzhou paper (cash Island paper) successfully cooperated with lantek to continue to optimize and transform the dehydration system of its two paper machines using lantek's technology and services. It is not convenient for me to count and share the specific data of users after the transformation, but we believe that it must have produced better economic and social benefits for the same group to repeatedly purchase the product and maintain friendly and continuous cooperation

another case is the application of lantek products in a paper enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Lantek's transformation of this paper mill is carried out in three steps. The first step is to reform the vacuum system. After the original water ring vacuum pump in the press department is transformed into a variable-speed turbine, the energy consumption of the vacuum system is reduced from 147 kwh/t before the transformation to 100 kwh/t after the transformation, which not only saves 32% energy, but also recycles the waste heat of the turbine tail gas and saves steam. The second step is to reform the dehydration and scraper. That is, the transformation of scraper, water tray and dehydration measurement system. After the transformation, the energy consumption of the vacuum system is reduced to 75 kwh/T, and the dehydration in the pressure zone is improved, which improves the operation performance. The third step is to optimize vacuum and dehydration. The technicians of the company work with the users to carry out on-site optimization with the help of the installed system optimization tools. After optimization, not only the energy consumption of the vacuum system is reduced to 54 kwh/t, but also the operation performance of the paper machine is further improved, the speed is increased, and the service life of wool fabric can be extended

after three steps of transformation, the energy consumption of the vacuum system of the paper mill decreased from 147 kwh/t to 54 kwh/t, with a decrease of 63%. This alone has greatly reduced the production cost

the reason why users can choose to cooperate with us for many times in a row is that lantek is not a simple equipment supplier, but because we take the lead through process, care for each other, continue to optimize, and truly carry out on-site optimization and service side by side and hand with users

papermaking information: in recent years, with the rapid development of China's papermaking industry, a considerable number of upstream related enterprises such as equipment and chemicals have developed rapidly. They not only serve domestic paper enterprises, but also go abroad one after another, and vigorously develop overseas markets with the help of the "the Belt and Road" policy. May I ask what actions lantek has taken in developing overseas markets? Is there a plan in this regard for the next step

Yang Fenghui: as a multinational enterprise from Finland, lantek has carried out business worldwide for more than 30 years, with very rich experience in the international market, as well as various paper machine operation databases and extensive partner networks. We will continue to maintain and strengthen close contact and cooperation with partners around the world, and rely on GD group's strong global sales and service network to serve the global green paper industry

recently, thanks to the "the Belt and Road" policy, lantec has also rapidly cooperated with relevant paper enterprises and general contractors. With our comprehensive cost advantages, technical reliability, local understanding and high-quality services, lantec has actively responded to delivery progress, policy coordination and other aspects with partners to achieve the final win-win cooperation. Lantek China team will also actively provide customers and projects in the Asia Pacific region with the same high-quality and responsive services

papermaking information: as far as we know, at the lantek customer exchange meeting held on September 5, 2019, three users signed contracts at the same time, which shows that the market highly recognizes lantek's current technology. What is lantek's next development plan under the condition of a good market? Continue to maintain the original technology and expand the market, or are there new innovative technologies that continue to replace and upgrade

Yang Fenghui: first of all, it's a great honor. At the customer technical exchange meeting of lantek on September 5, we signed contracts with Fujian Youfa, fushengyuan and Zhejiang Jinli. Thank you very much for your support and recognition

many industry leaders and experts believe that there is still great uncertainty in China's pulp and paper market. What lantec needs to do is to communicate closely with industry experts, users and partners to get the pulse of the industry. Especially in combination with the characteristics of Chinese papermaking raw materials, user operation habits, performance evaluation, industrial agglomeration and other aspects, we take the initiative to research, develop and update our equipment and technology. Lantek has done a lot of work in the aspects of equipment material, surface treatment, process audit and optimization, as well as new product models/series, and has also achieved good results

next, lantek will integrate the group's advantageous resources, continue to cultivate the pulp and paper industry, and strive to expand the concept of system optimization to more key elements on the basis of the existing vacuum and dehydration optimization, combined with more optimization technologies of the Department and the drying department. Of course, what needs to be clarified is that lantek does not make the whole machine. We only aim at some of the most critical processes and processes in the operation of the paper machine, and study these points thoroughly and well from a systematic and collaborative perspective. This is the task and pursuit of all lantek people

papermaking information: from 2015 to now, lantek has experienced several years of rapid development. At present, there are more and more similar products on the market to improve the efficiency of paper machines and save energy and reduce consumption. How does the company deal with these competitions

yangfenghui: This is a good thing! This shows that pulping and papermaking, which is traditionally considered or misunderstood as an industry with high energy consumption and low level of environmental protection, is constantly adapting to the development of the times and carrying out self-renewal and rebirth. Recently, some energy-saving equipment and products, such as turbine products, have sprung up in the market, and more than a dozen manufacturing enterprises have appeared in the market in the past 2-3 years

as I said earlier, lantek focuses on the operation of the whole paper machine, rather than simply equipment supply. From the perspective of technology, if we only talk about vacuum equipment, without considering the dehydration of paper machine, fabric condition, pipeline and steam water separation, how users use and operate vacuum reasonably, many so-called vacuum system upgrades in the market have only changed the vacuum equipment, and what users get from the industrial cluster with the characteristics of fluorosilicone new materials is only a small part of the energy-saving benefits brought by the improvement of mechanical efficiency

therefore, lantek will unswervingly adhere to its concept of system optimization, which is also the advantage most recognized by the majority of users

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