Follow the design principles of gift packaging to

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Follow the design principles of gift packaging to increase the added value of gifts

Abstract: the importance of gift packaging should not be underestimated. A good packaging can not only give full play to the value of gifts, but also increase the added value of gifts. Therefore, we should follow the following design principles of gift packaging before giving gifts

first, eye-catching

gift packaging should first attract the attention of consumers. The packaging should use novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and the materials with their own characteristics can make the packaging have a striking effect, so that consumers will have a strong interest as soon as they see it

secondly, the color of gift packaging is also an aspect that we should pay attention to. Studies have shown that red is the most exciting and impressive. As a gift package, it is the most suitable color. No wonder 3 Choose an experimental speed, and most gift packages are mainly in red. The personalized smooth carving lighter gift box set customized by Yidian is mainly in striking red, and the box is printed with a flame pattern, which is particularly eye-catching

second, understand

successful packaging should not only arouse consumers' attention and interest in products through the use of shapes, colors, patterns and materials, but also enable consumers to accurately understand products through packaging. Because the purpose of people buying is not packaging, but the products in the packaging. The most effective way to accurately convey the product information sensor is to truly convey the product image. You can use full transparent packaging, open a window on the packaging container to display the product, draw product graphics on the packaging, make simple text instructions on the packaging, and print color product photos on the packaging

III. good impression

that is to say, the shape, color, pattern and material of the packaging should be able to arouse people's favorite emotions, because people's likes and dislikes are right, but the market demand is very strong, which puts forward higher requirements for the effective space of the electronic tensile testing machine, and the impulse to buy plays a very important role. Favors come from two aspects. The first is the practical aspect, that is, whether the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects and provide convenience, which involves the size, number, beauty and other aspects of the packaging

liking also directly comes from the feeling of packaging shape, color, pattern and material. This is a comprehensive psychological effect, which is closely related to the individual and the environment of personal breath. In terms of color, everyone has his own favorite and annoying colors, which of course cannot be forced to be the same, but there are also similarities. For example, most women like white, red and pink, which are called women's colors. The packaging of women's products using white and red can attract women's love. Men like serious black

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