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under the current situation, building an iron army of ecological and environmental protection is a common task faced by all regions. The work style is hard. We should strictly implement the work requirements of "being strict, true, meticulous, practical and fast", be strict in discipline and have a good work style; Dare to take responsibility, be loyal to the party, benefit the people, adhere to principles, dare to encounter difficulties, and dare to fight without fear of threats; Especially able to endure hardship, take the initiative to work in places or positions with difficult conditions, and be brave to undertake the task that the experimental machine should use heavy oil according to the instructions; Being able to fight in particular should be reflected in the spirit and spirit of daring to fight big, hard and bitter battles; Especially able to contribute, we should take risks at critical moments and critical moments, regardless of personal gains and losses, and be willing to be a diligent old scalper and an unknown screw

grassroots ecological and environmental departments should strictly control the standards for building an ecological and environmental protection Iron Army, combined with the theme education of "never forget the original intention, keep the mission firmly in mind" and the relevant requirements of fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, investigate and systematically sort out the existing problems and gaps in political construction, ideological construction, organization construction, style construction, business construction, discipline construction, internal management, etc., and form a list of problems, lists and rectification lists after cleaning them item by item, Efforts should be made to reform while checking, establish banks and reform, and promote the solution of new and old problems as a whole

combined with the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission firmly in mind" currently being carried out at the grass-roots level in all regions, the author believes that the grass-roots level can do a good job in the construction of ecological and environmental protection Iron Army from the following aspects

focusing on the development needs of the cause of ecological and environmental protection, and based on fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control and the seven landmark battles, we should take the initiative to invite people to come in and go out, and widely carry out post training, military training and martial arts competitions in various ways, such as business training, Party School rotation training, training with war, practical exercises, leading the new with the old, experience exchange and so on. Strengthen professional training, ability training and practical training, help grass-roots cadres make up for their knowledge weaknesses, ability weaknesses and experience blind spots, and constantly improve the professional quality, practical ability and technical level of grass-roots ecological environmental protection teams. We should strive to improve the political ability, overall planning ability, coordination ability, emergency response ability, research ability, law enforcement ability, publicity ability, adaptability, etc. of grass-roots ecological environmental protection personnel, and be brave in exploration and innovation, unless the weight of the sample measured by your experiment machine is particularly large, and you are good at taking advantage of the east wind to comprehensively improve the ability and ability to adapt to the new situation, complete new tasks, and achieve new goals

implement the principle of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, and strengthen the education and supervision of party conduct and clean government. Educate Party members and cadres to strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the implementation rules, and abide by the provisions of honest and clean government. Resolutely oppose and continue to rectify the "four ethos", vigorously rectify formalism and bureaucracy, especially outstanding problems such as more statements and less actions, high-profile and poor implementation, more forms and less content, more shows and poor results. We will seriously investigate and deal with violations of discipline and law, such as violations of the spirit of the eight point provisions of the Central Committee, violations of Party discipline, and the use of power in the hands of rent-seeking, bending the law for personal gain. Adhering to the work style of "strict, true, meticulous, practical and fast", and vigorously rectifying inaction, slow action, disorderly action, perfunctory response, and deception are fully in line with our mission to change the market through innovation

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