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Pay attention to traditional advantageous industries and share business opportunities in the Western electronic industry

as China's largest electronic exhibition, China Electronics Exhibition (CEF) has always been regarded by professionals as an important stage for contacting the latest products and technologies and seeking supporting components and production and testing equipment. At the same time, it is also an important activity to observe the wind vane of industrial development. As for the CEF Chengdu Exhibition, one of the CEF series exhibitions to be opened from September 7 to 9, careful people will also find many differences from the CEF Shenzhen exhibition and the CEF Shanghai Exhibition. The West has remarkable industrial characteristics that are different from coastal areas such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, among which traditional industries such as military industry are the biggest highlight. The 2010 China (Chengdu) electronics exhibition, which is oriented to the West and is positioned to display electronic technology solutions for industrial applications and military industry, whether from local exhibitors or international and domestic exhibitors, also reflects these characteristics of the Western electronic industry

a number of distinctive local exhibitors will participate, including Jiuzhou Difei, Chengdu Tianao technology, Xuguang technology, and so on. Dr. dongxuegeng, general manager of China Power Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd., pointed out that at the same time, the future of automotive tire materials: Bio based will also have more than 400 leading manufacturers of electronic components and supporting equipment from domestic and foreign electronic industries to participate in the 2010 China (Chengdu) Electronics Exhibition, which will provide components, production and testing equipment and technology for traditional advantageous industries such as the Western military industry and information technology industry, It includes not only global industry leading enterprises such as Agilent, Roma, Omron, rod and Schwartz, digi key, but also industrial star enterprises in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as Unilever technology, Zhongke Fanhua, Junyao electronics, creative electronics, Guoju and so on. It is reported that in view of the concentration of military industry and related industries in the western region, this exhibition also specially set up dozens of professional seminars, including electronic testing technology solutions for national defense, military industry and industrial applications. At the same time, this exhibition is also positioned to show electronic technology solutions for industrial applications and military industry, industrial/military grade electronic components, optoelectronic devices, high-performance integrated circuits The power module will also become the focus of this exhibition

western industries brought out from point to area

the western region has gathered a large number of national defense research institutes and manufacturing enterprises, with hundreds of electronic information technology research institutes and tens of thousands of various electronic enterprises derived from traditional military enterprises. They have formed an industrial position with national competitive advantages in the fields of radar, military communications, aviation, aerospace and so on by virtue of their traditional advantages. These enterprises are unwilling to give up the opportunity to display industry-leading products and technologies at their home. More than a dozen Chengdu and other western enterprises, including Jiuzhou Difei, Chengdu Tianao technology, Qianfeng electronic instruments, Xuguang technology, will participate in the 2010 China (Chengdu) Electronics Exhibition

the enterprises we serve include Agilent, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, etc. Zhou Bangguo, general manager of Chengdu Tianao Technology Development Co., Ltd., pointed out that the business of technical services alone has grown from more than one million yuan when it was first established eight years ago to 14 million yuan today. According to the public information of Chengdu Tianao group, which is subordinate to the company, the group is a high-tech enterprise controlled by the Tenth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation. At present, it has developed to include information system integration, electronic equipment research and development and production, special devices, parts research and development and production, integrated test system research and development and production, technical services, import and export, domestic trade and other businesses, Several subsidiaries with strong domestic competitiveness. Our technology precipitation, long-term brand and service quality and reliability have won the consensus of the industry. This China Electronics Exhibition will also focus on Chengdu and the western region to show our technical services. Zhou Bangguo further pointed out

another local exhibitor, Chengdu Jiuzhou Difei technology, has a similar background. The company is a high-tech communication enterprise invested and established by Sichuan Jiuzhou electric appliance group. As a typical high-tech enterprise with military civilian integration development, Jiuzhou electric appliance group is a large backbone enterprise engaged in the scientific research and production of secondary radar systems and equipment in the country. The accumulation of radar and microwave RF related industries for decades has undoubtedly laid a good foundation for the development of Difei technology. At present, its multi band microwave transceiver, frequency synthesizer, program-controlled attenuator, devices (components) and other products have technical indicators, reliability The stability and consistency have reached the advanced level of domestic peers, and are widely used in radar, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, land aviation, communications, electronic countermeasures and other fields. The parent company Kyushu group has formed a wide industrial layout engaged in digital TV equipment, cable TV broadband integrated business information network system, wire and cable optical cable, vehicle mounted command and communication system, application electronic system, LED (semiconductor lighting products), RFID (radio frequency identification products), satellite navigation, e-government and e-commerce software

the traditional advantageous industries in the West are widely concerned

we will focus on the test products and solutions for the military industry. An Yi, manager of China Business Development Department of rod and Schwartz, pointed out that the western region is one of the important bases of national military electronics, with a large number of research and production institutions with leading technological level. In the next few years, industries related to military electronics will be further developed, such as radar, electronic warfare, military communications, aviation, aerospace and other fields. In this exhibition, rod and Schwartz will focus on the display of microwave signal source r s smf100a, real-time spectrometer r s FSVR, vector network analyzer r s Zva, etc. These products have high-end performance and can fully meet the testing needs of the military industry, such as radar equipment. An Yi expressed

for the industrial advantages of the western region, Japan's Roma semiconductor, which has the world's leading technology, has different concerns. Chengdu's information technology, telecommunications, television and other industries have attracted much attention. Roma semiconductor will focus on providing more and higher performance products. A person in charge of Roma company pointed out in an interview. The company recently started the mass production of Schottky diode scs110a series, which uses silicon carbide, which is expected to become the next generation of power component materials due to low power consumption and high withstand voltage. In addition, the latest high-performance devices such as the industry's highest level high-efficiency MOSFETs launched by Roma are also expected to be premiered. In recent years, the company has significantly strengthened its support for the western region. After establishing a business office in Chinese Mainland in 2010, it soon opened offices in Chengdu and Xi'an, and plans to set up an office in Chongqing in the second half of 2011

Omron, which has world-class technical strength in the field of precision electronic components, has used its unique sensing and control technology to continuously realize the miniaturization, high performance and energy-saving characteristics of electronic products such as relays, switches, adapters and so on. With the help of this exhibition, the development of SABIC PP 514m12 materials in the western region, including military industry, will be based on a technology that does not contain phthalates and has no odor High end applications such as information technology have brought more new choices of electronic components. The exhibits of OMRON electronic components include FPC connectors, IDC connectors, etc; High reliability relay, which can be used in communication infrastructure, digital appliances, processing machine tools and other equipment; And the g6k-y series of subminiature surface mount relays with 5.2mm high, 6.5mm wide and 10mm long, which have been mass produced in China and have the world's smallest packaging area and height; Wait

in recent years, the western region is rapidly undertaking the industrial transfer of electronic manufacturing with its unique advantages (for example, Foxconn and Hewlett Packard settled in Chongqing, Intel wafer packaging and processing into Chengdu and Xi'an are typical representative cases). At the same time, the obvious talent and cost advantages of the Western electronic information industry have also led to the rapid growth of the number of R & D centers. While maintaining and strengthening traditional advantageous industries in the western region, emerging industrial growth points are being formed, and the opportunities for supporting industries such as electronic components, production equipment and testing and measurement equipment have increased sharply, which is also the main reason why the 2010 China (Chengdu) electronics exhibition attracted more than 400 domestic and foreign enterprises

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