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It is urgent to pay attention to stage safety and eliminate the hidden dangers of LED display screen

Why do LED display screen safety accidents occur frequently in recent years? In particular, the collapse of LED stage display led to casualties. For the manufacturers of LED rental display, it is urgent to pay attention to stage safety and eliminate the hidden dangers of LED display. So, how can we eliminate hidden dangers? We should start from the following two aspects

structural design

led stage displays used for leasing are usually stacked high, or hoisted high, and there will be performers and spectators nearby. Structural safety is the most important part in the design process. Due to the short installation time, it is impossible to set aside a long time to check whether the box connection is firm, so whether the box connection can be checked quickly is particularly strong. Enterprises should start from improving the innovation ability of enterprises, such as seamless steel pipes, stainless steel plates and stainless steel strips. Therefore, the LED rental screen must know whether it is tightened or installed in place at a glance, so as not to leave a potential safety hazard

application of new box materials

from the box material, such as carbon fiber, from the box material, such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, nano polymer unique materials and other new materials can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of LED electronic display box. The thinness of the box is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of products, but also reduces the frequency of 80 ⑵ 50Hz for the supported buildings and trusses. The first choice for short test time is to lighten the load and be more safe

to eliminate the potential safety hazards of LED full-color display screen in stage performance, in addition to the manufacturers' hard work on products, it is also necessary for the LED display screen renters to correctly install and use them on site. In order to ensure the safety of stacking and hoisting, the leaseholder of LED display screen must strictly abide by the maximum number of layers of stacking and hoisting, and select the correct installation method and the high-quality building materials of microcomputer controlled impact testing machine to avoid safety accidents to the greatest extent

most importantly, LED display renters should not blindly pursue low prices and take chances to purchase some rental products with potential safety hazards. While ensuring the quality of the leased equipment, professional training is also required for the operators to be able to do basic maintenance for the display screen, such as the analysis and treatment of common faults, familiarity with the control system and video processing, and the detection and adjustment of equivalent supporting equipment. In this way, the stable and safe operation of the LED stage screen can be guaranteed

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