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Pay attention to industry application and build an excellent brand of Emerson CT

since Emerson was founded in 1890, from the initial motor to the automation, environmental optimization, network energy and other platforms involved now, the company has more than 60 branches in more than 150 countries and 100000 employees. In China, as one of Emerson's subsidiaries, Emerson CT (control technologies) integrates Emerson's leading enterprise management culture and technology, focuses on grasping the market trend, following the technology trend, digging deep into the market demand, constantly provides innovative, highly reliable and stable products for the market, and helps customers upgrade the industry taking into account energy conservation and consumption reduction

in a recent interview, Mr. Lin Qinglong, general manager of Emerson CT's market promotion department, said: in 2010, Emerson CT divided the Chinese market into five drive centers, headquartered in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and five drive centers in Northeast China, North China, East China, central China and South China covered the entire Chinese market. Each center has its own sales team, with at least 5 to 10 people in each team, and at least 2 engineers provide front-line technical support. With years of advanced technology and experience in the field of automation, we provide customers with all-round system solutions from general-purpose to High-Performance AC and DC drives, servo, servo motors and products. In 2009, Emerson CT's China market performance ranked second only to the U.S. market, with sales reaching 500million yuan

with the economic recovery, the production of manufacturing industry began to increase significantly after hibernating for the winter, which also brought huge market opportunities for Emerson CT. Emerson CT set its sights on the high and middle end market and launched a series of new measures. Adjusted the organizational structure, accurately positioned the products, and formed four business forms. Mr. Lin said that R & D departments in the UK and China were developing products suitable for the Chinese market. In the near future, it is believed that it will play a certain role in promoting China's manufacturing industry

pay attention to industrial applications

Mr. Lin said that Emerson CT has always paid great attention to industrial applications. Although most orders of Emerson CT in China are completed through distribution channels, Emerson CT has set up different departments for each industry and equipped with different industry development personnel, And continue to optimize the structure of the company's sintering method. Today, we introduce the use and key points of operation of high-frequency fatigue testing machine. The aluminum hydroxide project and soluble aluminum hydroxide project are undergoing feasibility studies, which appear in the domestic industry exhibitions, showing users the strength of Emerson CT, but also enhancing users' confidence in Emerson CT. In addition to traditional industries, Emerson CT has expanded the photovoltaic industry. In April this year, Emerson CT participated in the SNEC International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition and showed users its new product SPV multi master photovoltaic inverter

unlike ordinary enterprises, Emerson CT has very strict control over distribution channels, and will lead distributors to develop customers and give them sufficient technical support. Mr. Lin said: because the industrial automation industry has high requirements for technology, unlike low-voltage electrical appliances and other industries, such as frequency converters for elevators. Due to the different application needs of elevator manufacturers, the technical requirements for frequency converters are also different. Therefore, we must pay attention to the application technology of the elevator industry and provide the best driving scheme

explore the new energy market

Emerson CT has made remarkable achievements in traditional industries, and has laid a deep foundation in fan, pump, textile, wire drawing machine, elevator, machine tool, plastic machine and other industries. But Emerson CT did not stop, but turned its attention to the new energy market

Emerson CT can specifically analyze the market for new energy, especially the photovoltaic power generation market. It has made a series of adjustments and launched its own products, especially photovoltaic inverters. Mr. Lin said that photovoltaic inverters can be said to be a divine eye of our technology, which also uses power electronics technology. Our customers are investors in photovoltaic power generation projects. Due to the overheating of wind power in recent years, the government is cautious, not blind, and strategic in promoting the development of photovoltaic industry. Although PV may not develop as rapidly as wind power, it is undoubtedly a sunrise industry

at present, Emerson CT has a wealth of successful cases abroad, especially in Germany, Spain and other Western European countries. In order to better serve the domestic market, Emerson CT is introducing the world's most advanced technology to China, which is SPV multi master photovoltaic inverter. Unlike ordinary photovoltaic inverters, the SPV multimaster of Emerson CT is modular, and each system is composed of 10 separate modules connected together. Even if there is a module failure, there is no need to shut down, which is very easy to maintain. According to Mr. Lin, at present, the minimum single machine capacity of this photovoltaic inverter system is 145kwp, and the maximum single machine capacity of multi module combination can reach 1.76mwp, which can be called a world-class photovoltaic parallel inverter solution

Mr. Lin further said to: Emerson CT's unique parallel inverter technology arranges this garbage clearing device in the ocean and fixes it in the sea area where the ocean current passes. Based on its strong foundation of global manufacturing and Engineering Center, as well as its more than 38 years of technology and engineering experience, it adopts a cost-effective module composition, with a daily production capacity of more than 12MW, and global shipments of more than 1.5gw, The reliability and efficiency of these modules have been accepted by the market and customers

Mr. Lin emphasized to: Emerson CT will work with Emerson group to integrate the new energy industry chain. Taking solar energy as an example, in addition to Emerson CT's ability to provide users with photovoltaic inverters, other subsidiaries such as Branson can provide users with silicon wafer cleaning machines. In terms of wind power, there are also rectifier inverters of Emerson Network Power China, which cooperate with the products of SSD group in Germany, and specialize in the wind power industry

enter the new servo market

in addition to the new energy market, Emerson CT also chose to enter the servo field. At present, servo products in the Chinese market can be divided into several echelons, most of which are Japanese brands. Although the servo market seems to be highly competitive, servo applications are also divided into different levels. General servo products on the market can meet the requirements of low power and low speed, but for occasions requiring high precision, such as grinding machines, European brands have more advantages

Mr. Lin said that Emerson CT not only produces servo drive products, but also servo motors. And will focus on occasions such as grinding machines that require precision in density, speed, etc., and will be positioned in high-end fields. For example, the newly launched digitax st servo driver has a power range of 0.72nm to 19.3nm (peak 57.7nm), with 200V and 400V. It can optimize the servo application of peak torque requirements, improve the dynamic response speed, and is simple to use, and can be flexibly integrated into many systems. It can connect EtherCAT, SERCOS, CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and standard Ethernet. It is most suitable for highly dynamic point-to-point applications requiring high torque inertia ratio. Typical applications include flying shear, fixed length cutting, etc., which can fully meet the unique needs of your servo applications

according to Mr. Lin, although Emerson CT's fiscal year ended on September 30, it has completed most of the indicators so far. Although the expected sales volume this year is 600million yuan, 60% or 70% of the annual task has been completed in the first two quarters of the fiscal year. Mr. Lin said that although the business volume of Emerson CT's traditional industries has been growing and emerging industries have just started, Emerson CT is optimistic about the development of new energy and other emerging industries, which will also lay a solid foundation for future development

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