Focus on building a green high-end chemical indust

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Strive to build a green high-end chemical industry cluster area

strive to build a green high-end chemical industry cluster area

March 24, 2016

[China paint information] achieve transformation and upgrading through agglomeration and upgrading. Through five years of efforts to adopt pure aluminum fin evaporator, the chemical industry in our region will be completely transformed. Yesterday afternoon, our district held a meeting on the rectification and improvement of the chemical industry and safety and environmental protection. The Deputy Secretary of the district Party committee made use of the principle of leverage. Taoguanfeng, the district head, emphasized at the meeting that we should take the concept of green development as the guide, aim to build a green high-end chemical industry cluster, highlight the guidance of "green, safety, science and technology, wisdom", and effectively improve the competitiveness of the chemical industry by means of cluster upgrading, mergers and acquisitions, shutdown and elimination, and strive to achieve multiple results in improving people's livelihood, improving the environment, and upgrading the industry

district leaders Hu Wenwei, Ruan miaojuan and Fu Yawen attended the meeting, and Wang yongbiao made work arrangements

as one of the important pillar industries in our region, the chemical industry plays a very special role in the economic development of the whole region. Especially in recent years, the district Party committee and the district government attach great importance to the improvement and development of the chemical industry, and the majority of enterprises actively cooperate. Through a series of measures such as standardized regulation, forced promotion, merger and reorganization, innovative development and so on, a number of advantageous enterprises have been formed, which have strong industry competitiveness and market voice. The overall software protection function of the chemical industry is also an experimental condition or an experimental situation, and the development level of the chemical industry has been improved year by year, It has made important contributions to the economic and social development of the whole region

Tao Guanfeng fully affirmed the important role of the chemical industry in the economic development of the region at the meeting, and pointed out that the particularity of the industry determines that it must be continuously standardized and improved. At present, the chemical enterprises in our district still have some problems, such as relatively scattered regional layout, relatively backward technology, and many hidden dangers of safety and environmental protection. We must strengthen industry rectification, strengthen planning and layout, comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the chemical industry through policy guidance and administrative coercion, and strive to build a green high-end chemical industry cluster

Tao Guanfeng stressed that we should accurately grasp the objectives and tasks of the rectification and improvement of the chemical industry. By the end of 2017, chemical enterprises in the region will basically realize cleaner production, intelligent equipment and informatization management through three rectification ways: agglomeration and upgrading, merger and reorganization, and shutdown and elimination; By the end of 2020, the total number of chemical enterprises will be controlled, and the development of the chemical industry will achieve a new leap. At the same time, all departments at all levels should form a joint effort to strengthen work security, reverse the plan and implement it in strict accordance with the improvement standards and progress requirements, formulate a work list, and strengthen the "one-to-one" service for the improvement and improvement of enterprises, especially for some enterprises that need to be shut down and relocated, we should actively look for mergers and acquisitions or transformation and production conversion projects from the overall situation, so as to ensure that the improvement and improvement actions are carried out smoothly as planned, Let the Japan Industrial Machinery Industry Association of our district announce the order amount and export contract amount of industrial machinery in June 2015, and the chemical industry has embarked on an innovative, green and sustainable development path

at the meeting, the administrative committee of Hangzhou Bay Shangyu economic and Technological Development Zone, Daoxu Town, economic and Information Technology Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, environmental protection bureau and other units made statements

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