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Strive to improve the overall level of exhibition marketing

at present, the exhibition industry is booming in China, but the overall operation of exhibition is still in the primary stage. Therefore, it is necessary to learn from the successful experience of developed countries to improve the overall level of China's exhibition industry marketing

once the industry mentioned exhibition marketing, it was thought that it was just a matter of exhibition enterprises. In fact, the main body of exhibition marketing included the government, exhibition enterprises, exhibitors and participants, and even the media. It is gratifying that the concept of "exhibition marketing is only a business" is changing. For example, at present, domestic government departments and the exhibition industry have reached a consensus that exhibition cities should also be operated and promoted as a product. Obviously, if a city strengthens its ties with ICCA (International Congress and conference Association) and other conference and exhibition organizations, it is bound to strive for the right to host more large-scale exhibition activities

taking a comprehensive view of the development history of the world's exhibition industry, Germany, the United States, France, Singapore and other exhibition economically developed countries all actively strive for the support of international professional organizations, and some countries themselves have full speed industry associations to test the ball. In other words, as big as a country or city, as small as an exhibition enterprise, it is crucial to have the recognition and support of relevant authoritative organizations, especially for global exhibitions such as the WorldExpo. Even for a single enterprise, if the conference or Exhibition hosted by it can be recognized by international organizations, it will be more attractive to participants, exhibitors and professional visitors

the successful practice of many exhibition developed countries has proved that a smooth industry management system is the basic condition for the healthy development of urban exhibition industry and overall promotion. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the government does not directly participate in the organization and management of conferences or exhibitions, but provides necessary support for the development of the exhibition industry. In addition to providing preferential policies, investing in the construction of venues (operated by the company independently), and financing enterprises to participate abroad, it also assists and promotes exhibition companies to carry out the promotion of conferences or exhibitions

due to the limitations of multi head management in the industry and the simple profit orientation of enterprises, the government has great obstacles in organizing exhibition companies and tourism enterprises to carry out joint promotion. In this regard, we can learn from the successful model of the French professional exhibition promotion committee (pros alac foaming agent 0.3~0.5ons), and establish a nationwide promotion consortium based on the principles of equality, voluntariness and greater benefits from investment, It makes it possible to carry out joint promotion globally. Because a single exhibition company, even a powerful exhibition group, does not have enough strength to establish its own office network in dozens of countries in the world, but dozens of exhibitions subordinate to different exhibition companies can form an effective international promotion network by pooling their marketing funds. At the same time, the exhibition will be uniformly planned, managed and promoted

it is particularly worth mentioning that when foreign countries carry out the overall promotion of exhibition activities, especially global conferences or World Expos, the exhibition department and the tourism industry often can cooperate sincerely, while the domestic exhibition industry (industry associations/exhibition companies) is still very poor in this regard. In the future, the domestic exhibition industry and tourism industry may wish to make some bold attempts in joint promotion, because there are many commonalities between exhibition activities and tourism activities, which determines that the exhibition department can fully cooperate with the tourism department in the overall promotion of the destination. Even if the exhibition enterprises carry out marketing and promotion activities alone, they should also combine the conference and exhibition with the city and 2. The intuitive interface, convenient replication and pasting functions, and the surrounding tourist attractions and tourist reception facilities

the conference or exhibition industry in many countries in the world has achieved great success and enjoyed high reputation internationally, largely thanks to the efficiency and strength of the overall promotional activities. After all, joint promotion can not only shape and promote the overall image of the regional exhibition industry, but also effectively organize dispersed capital, human and material resources, and concentrate on promoting the excellent exhibition (Convention) environment and a number of brand conferences or exhibitions in the region

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