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Focusing on the core needs of Chinatelecom, iFLYTEK helped build Tianyi ecosystem

on September 19, the 11th Tianyi intelligent ecosystem Expo opened in Guangzhou Shengshi. IFLYTEK, as a strategic partner of Chinatelecom, has participated in the event for three consecutive years, and displayed its latest products and solutions in the 5g ecosystem of the conference, allowing partners and audiences to experience the new industrial applications and Lifestyles under the 5g network in the future

01 focus on customer needs Telecom leaders fully affirmed that based on the business needs of Chinatelecom, iFLYTEK has brought ar smart desks, smart light ar partners, A.I. TV assistants, iFLYTEK hearing, intelligent office books, intelligent recording pens, intelligent recommendation systems, A.I. intelligent customer service, iFLYTEK quick reading, answering assistants, intelligent security inspection information platforms and other products, comprehensively presenting the company's focus on the field of operators, According to the needs of operators' customers, the product results of large-scale cooperation can be achieved in the future

fluoromethacrylates are copolymerized with MMA and suitable wetting agents and crosslinkers to produce a series of new hard mirror materials with stable structure, good biocompatibility and DK value of 30 (1) 60. Compared with siloxane acrylate materials, the oxygen permeability of fluorosiloxane acrylate has been greatly improved, and its surface properties such as wettability and anti precipitation performance have also been greatly improved during the conference, Wang Guoquan, the deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group, whose production can be integrated in the company, Wen Yong, the general manager of Shandong Telecom, together with MI Yihua and Cong Linlin, the deputy general managers of Guangdong Telecom, Yang Xiaofeng, the deputy general manager of Guangdong Telecom, Yang Feng, the Deputy General Manager of Hubei Telecom, and other leaders came to iFLYTEK's booth and expressed their appreciation for iFLYTEK's innovative practice in the a.i.+5g field and its cooperation with Chinatelecom in zhihuijia with an average annual growth rate of more than 24% The cooperation in intelligent customer service business has been fully affirmed

Wang Guoquan, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group, visited iFLYTEK booth to guide the exchange.

Wen Yong, general manager of Shandong Telecom, and his delegation listened to iFLYTEK's introduction.

Yang Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Guangdong Telecom, communicated at iFLYTEK booth.

Yang Feng, deputy general manager of Hubei Telecom, explained iFLYTEK's latest technology and application achievements

02 co construction of industrial ecological cooperation to a higher level

during the Expo, The inaugural meeting of Chinatelecom 5g industrial innovation alliance and the first meeting of the first alliance Council were successfully held. As one of the 14 sponsors of Chinatelecom 5g industrial innovation alliance, iFLYTEK will work with CCTV, Huawei and other relevant units to explore 5g innovative applications, build 5g industrial ecology, and promote 5g mature development

liusonglin, vice president of iFLYTEK, received a 4.2 anti penetration steel ball from the vice president of China Telecom 5g Innovation Alliance: the quality should be 2260 ± 20g bit certificate

at the same time, iFLYTEK signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Telecom ICT application capability center at the China Telecom ICT application ecosystem forum, which will jointly promote the construction of the ICT ecosystem in the future. At the smart home innovation ecological forum, iFLYTEK and Chinatelecom also reached a strategic cooperation and officially became Chinatelecom's smart home partner. In the future, iFLYTEK will work with industry partners to build a new smart home ecosystem

03 facing the 5g era, the prospect is broader

facing the 5g era that has come, iFLYTEK will accelerate the application of core technology in the information and communication industry, provide richer and more intelligent products and services for individual customers, family customers and industry customers, comprehensively help the construction of Chinatelecom's intelligent ecosystem, and jointly create a better era of 5g+a.i

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