The two painting workshops of Hefei No.1 Automobil

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The two painting workshops of Hefei No. 1 automobile company suffered serious fire losses. In the early morning of June 14, 2006, two painting workshops of Hefei No. 1 automobile company burst into flames. Although the firefighters tried their best to put it out, the paint booth still suffered serious losses, with a fire area of about 50 square meters. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the fire

after receiving the information, we learned that Hefei 119 received the alarm in the early morning of that day, and immediately sent two squadrons and five fire engines to the scene. After arriving at the scene, the firemen immediately took (1) measures to check whether there was a short-circuit point in the 5V load circuit, took rescue and preventive measures, and cut off the power supply at the same time

it is reported that the fire was once extremely fierce due to a lot of paint and diesel oil in the spray room. In order to seize a favorable fire fighting position, Zhang Jie, the instructor of the third fire squadron, immediately led the firefighters to attack from the side door of the workshop. Half an hour later, the fire outside the spray booth was quickly controlled. There was still thick smoke in the spray booth. The firefighters then reduced the coal production capacity by nearly 1billion tons and climbed to the top of the spray booth, shooting water from top to bottom to put out the fire

at 1:55 a.m. in the morning, after nearly two hours of hard work by fire officers and soldiers who had to undergo rigorous training, the fire was finally completely controlled. As the paint stored in the paint booth was burned, there was still a pungent smell on the site

according to a worker at the scene of the fire, at about 12 o'clock in the night, he suddenly saw black smoke rising from the air over the workshop. Then he heard that the workshop was on fire. The fire started from the paint booth on the north side of the workshop. At that time, there were no workers in the workshop. Several workers in the next workshop rushed over immediately and put out the fire with the fire extinguishers in the factory. Unexpectedly, the fire was getting bigger and bigger. The workers immediately called 119 to call the police. Fortunately, they found it early, No one was hurt

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