Import of plastics at Shantou Port decreased after

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After the festival, the import of plastics at Shantou Port decreased

recently, the price of ethylene monomer fell sharply, and the offer price was USD FOB Korea. However, the international oil price recently rose to US $27.85, a high since early April, which provides strong support for downstream raw materials

after the May Day holiday, there has been no substantial change in the offers of foreign trading houses. 29 new chemical materials in the fields of special rubber, engineering plastics, membrane materials, electronic chemicals and so on have been listed in the category of advanced basic materials No quotation will be made for samples placed behind the testing machine. Korean Hyundai, Hunan petrochemical and other manufacturers still have no goods to report, while Korean petrochemicals currently has some F600 available for sale, but the quotation is US $670 and no one cares. Han Hua's general quotation is LDPE $700 and LLDPE $650

since May, import arrivals have been decreasing. From the perspective of recently arrived goods, some low-priced goods were delayed in the early stage, resulting in uneven cost prices of goods on some recently arrived ships

according to the current situation, the inventory pressure of domestic petrochemical enterprises is still too high. Each plant has successively cancelled the listing and turnover system, and is still facing the pressure of slight reduction in the near future. The rebound of imported materials will take time

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