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Electrical equipment: wind power tariff policy implementation

Sichuan finance week observation point this week, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on improving the wind power tariff policy, defining the tariff of new approved wind power projects in, and determining the conditions for previous approved projects to enjoy the old tariff: (1) in 2019, the guiding tariff of onshore wind power in class I-IV regions in China was 0.34 yuan, 0.39 yuan, 0.43 yuan and 0.52 yuan respectively; In 2020, it will be 0.29 yuan, 0.34 yuan, 0.38 yuan and 0.47 yuan respectively; (21.41 ~ 1.70) projects approved before the end of 2018 shall be merged before the end of 2020, and projects approved before the end of the year shall be merged before the end of 2021 before they can enjoy the old electricity price, otherwise the state will no longer subsidize them; (3) From January 1, 2021, the newly approved onshore wind power projects will be fully affordable, and the state will no longer subsidize them. On the whole, there is little difference between the official document and the exposure draft. The main purpose is still to accelerate the process of wind power parity and guide the industry to smoothly transition to the era of parity. The formal implementation of the electricity price policy will drive a new round of installed capacity boom cycle in. It is suggested to pay attention to high-quality listed companies in the manufacturing sector, with related targets: (), (), etc

market overview the Shanghai Composite Index fell by 1 this week. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery 02%, the electrical equipment index fell by 1.98%, 0.96 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index, and the index fell by 1.91%, 0.89 percentage points higher than the Shanghai Composite Index

company dynamics () (002665): foreign investment to establish wholly-owned subsidiaries; () (600405):; Riyue shares (603218): public issuance of convertible corporate bonds; () (600525): received government subsidies; () (603025):

foreign investment; (,) (300111): revised draft report on major asset purchase and related party transactions; () (002506): non public offering plan (Second Revision)

industry dynamics 1. The national development and Reform Commission officially finalized the wind power tariff policy (Polaris power); 2. China electricity union released the power generation of the whole society in 2019 and related (Polaris power); 3. Siemens COMESA won the order of 232mw wind power (Polaris power); 4. The first batch of steel balls or cemented carbide ball cloth (Polaris power) with a certain diameter shall be shared on the list of parity when a certain load can no longer rise; 5. Qinghai Gonghe Wulan wind energy storage project bidding (Polaris power); 6. () obtained a subsidy of 3.458 billion yuan for new energy vehicles (Polaris power)

risk warning: the new installed capacity of new energy does not meet the expectation, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles is lower than the expectation

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