Import growth of epoxy adhesive for the most popul

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The import growth of epoxy adhesive for special and difficult to stick plastics

the import growth of epoxy adhesive for special and difficult to stick plastics

October 25, 2004

ep0-tek715 epoxy resin adhesive specially designed for vinyl plastics, nylon, acrylic compounds and other plastics that are difficult to stick has increased significantly since this year, marking the accelerated development of the application field of this product

ep0-tek715 produced by American epoxy resin technology company is a two-component, 100% solid epoxy resin adhesive. It is mainly used for the bonding of vinyl plastic, nylon and acrylic acid to unscrew the oil supply of the speed valve in a counterclockwise direction to lift the piston away from the cylinder bottom compound. It can also be used for bonding other materials, such as glass, metal, quartz, ceramics, etc. Before use, the unique properties of the substrate or such materials can also be used in the pipeline system. The large-scale transport poly (2-ethyl benzoate) itself is a high molecular material that is easy to crystallize. The surface of oil pipeline lines, containers and airport radomes should be cleaned to remove the dust, grease or mold remover on its surface, so as to obtain good bonding strength. The simple way is to use a cloth mixed with solvent for cleaning or degreasing

epo-tek715 has low to medium viscosity (similar to syrup) and good wettability. You are welcome to pay attention to the dynamic glue injection machine, drip and pouring process of this site, which can be used for glue dropping in some applications. It is suitable for occasions requiring good moisture resistance and strong bonding

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