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PetroChina released the implementation plan of quality development outline on September 7. It was learned from the quality management and Standards Department that the group company has officially issued the implementation plan of CNPC on implementing the quality development outline (2011-2020) of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan of quality development outline), so as to promote the group company to achieve "quality, benefit and sustainable" development

last year, the State Council issued the quality development outline (2011-2020). PetroChina has actively implemented the quality development outline (2011-2020) and formulated specific implementation plans. The general guiding ideology of the implementation plan of the quality development outline is to actively practice the development concept of "environmental protection first, safety first, quality first and people-oriented", adhere to the quality policy of honesty, trustworthiness and excellence 7. According to the speed of stress required by the experiment, focus on the quality improvement project, clarify the quality objectives, improve the construction of the quality management system, innovate the quality development mechanism and optimize the quality development environment, Improve the basic guarantee capacity of measurement and standardization, accelerate the improvement of product, engineering and service quality, ensure quality safety, and lay the foundation for the group to become a world-class comprehensive international energy company

the quality development goal of the group company is "zero accident, zero defect, leading in China and first-class in the world, so the strain gauge is connected to the measuring circuit", and two phased goals for 2015 and 2020 are determined

2015 aims to achieve the overall optimization level of quality, measurement and standardization management, that is, the enterprise's quality management system operates effectively, the quality evaluation index system is basically established, and the overall quality of products, projects and services reaches the domestic advanced level; The main production and operation processes of the enterprise have realized the integration of measurement and control, the enterprise's measurement management system has operated effectively, and the oil and gas measurement and verification technology has reached the domestic leading and international first-class level; Form a full process and full coverage enterprise standard system

2020 target is that the overall level of quality, measurement and standardization will fully reach the optimization level, and some enterprises will reach the excellence level. The quality of crude oil, natural gas and product oil continuously meets or exceeds the national standards; The quality of other leading oil refining, chemical products and equipment manufacturing products has reached the international advanced level; The quality of engineering construction projects has fully reached the international advanced level; Engineering technology, sales, refining and chemical inspection and maintenance and mining area services, fully realize the standardization, standardization and branding of service quality, and the service quality fully reaches the international advanced level; Realize the informatization of planning and control in the main production and operation processes; The development concept of "standards first" has been fully established. The group implements highly unified standards. The standard information management covers the whole process of production and operation, and formulates and leads international standards in the field of technological advantages

the implementation plan of quality development outline proposes that in the future, all enterprises and institutions should do a good job in improving the construction of quality management system, implementing projects to improve the quality of key products, projects and services, innovating the quality development mechanism, optimizing the quality development environment and other key aspects

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