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Import of waste paper

★ what other problems do you think should be brought to the attention of enterprises regarding the import of waste paper

Lin Yiting: whether an enterprise is suitable for using imported waste paper should be comprehensively considered in terms of its geographical location, distance from major ports, what kind of waste paper is imported and what kind of waste paper is produced, as well as local fiber resources and prices

Fujian Nanping Paper Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast coast of China. The port is only 180 kilometers away from the factory. The inland transportation distance is short. Under normal circumstances, the cost of producing deinked pulp for paper is about 200 yuan/ton cheaper than that of self-produced TMP. However, in november2002, the employees of the ports on the West Bank of the United States went on strike, and the ports were paralyzed for 11 days. As a result, the CIF price of the old newspapers soared from less than 110 US dollars/ton to 153 US dollars. China's new material industry has the confidence and capital to compete in the international market! USD/ton, so that the cost of deinked pulp is equal to that of TMP. If the strike is prolonged for a few more days, or if there is any disturbance, the supply of waste paper may be interrupted. Therefore, there is a great risk of relying on imported waste paper. Moreover, compared with TMP, the strength and stiffness of multi-purpose waste paper are lower, causing certain difficulties in the printing process and reading. It is necessary to adjust the production process and increase the amount of chemicals, such as starch, and the cost will rise accordingly. Therefore, we can not ignore the conditions and costs, and we all come to the waste paper project

guoxingzhen: on the issue of waste paper import, we should analyze and demonstrate according to the specific conditions of each enterprise. We must correctly grasp and make decisions. We can't follow what people do. It can be said that enterprises with a small number of varieties and a large import volume have a certain competitive advantage

I think we should pay special attention to the following issues on the import of waste paper:

careful cooperation. The enterprise must conduct a comprehensive examination of the waste paper suppliers, understand the real situation, supply and marketing sources, history, economic strength, reputation, etc. of the business unit, and select reliable supply partners to supply goods by agreement, so as to avoid being cheated and reduce the flow

strict control. The impurity content of waste paper should be strictly checked to avoid buying a pile of "foreign garbage", and at the same time to prevent bringing back harmful bacteria, insects, etc., so as to avoid serious impact. When quality problems are found, it is necessary to keep a strong claim basis, especially to take photos of the number of the shipping container. In 2002 alone, due to the quality problem of waste paper, Huatai timely issued relevant certificates and internationally effective claim certificates, which recovered direct economic losses of more than 75000 US dollars

rational utilization. When purchasing waste paper, enterprises should make rational use of it according to their own equipment conditions, technical strength, production varieties, etc. at the same time, they should make full and reasonable use of waste paper of all levels in cardboard to reduce unnecessary costs

prevent monopoly. The excessive demand for waste paper, emphasizing the key points and relying on it, will often promote the international waste paper companies to form a monopoly and cause great pressure on us. Therefore, on the one hand, our enterprise should try its best to establish an alliance of waste paper import organizations, such as detection methods, machine structure, machine stiffness, pressure plate parallelism, measuring elements, materials, load sensor displacement sinking, etc. on the other hand, we can strive to achieve friendly cooperation or even joint venture with foreign waste paper recycling companies (associations)

active innovation. Paper making enterprises should work with machinery manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, scientific research institutes and other relevant units to jointly develop advanced deinking equipment and chemicals such as deinking agents and enhancers, research and develop new technologies, continuously improve the level of equipment and equipment for recycling paper from waste paper and the adaptability of paper varieties, and promote the rapid development of waste paper utilization in China

Xue Wenming: domestic enterprises should establish a good early warning mechanism for "waste paper crisis", and should not just focus on production and market research and development. At the same time, we should introduce new equipment and technology, vigorously develop fast-growing and high-yield forest bases, implement the "forest paper integration" project, and establish our own raw material bases for papermaking enterprises. Large paper-making enterprises with strength can consider taking the lead in "going out" and investing in pulp mills abroad

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