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Implementation of two new national standards for food packaging since december1,2009, two new national standards, plastic self-adhesive fresh-keeping film for food and general technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware, have been implemented. The new national standard strictly stipulates that PVC fresh-keeping film must be marked to prohibit microwave use, which can give polypropylene more excellent optical properties at one time. Tableware cannot be labeled disorderly and degradable

the implementation of the national standard of plastic self-adhesive fresh-keeping film for food, which replaces the national standard of polyethylene self-adhesive fresh-keeping film for 20 years, standardizes the scope of application of various fresh-keeping films, and requires that the instructions for the use of fresh-keeping films be noted in a prominent position. The new standard requires that the fresh-keeping film should be marked with the nominal values of oxygen transmittance, carbon dioxide transmittance, moisture permeability and net roll weight; The fresh-keeping film shall be marked with the words for food, and the polyethylene self-adhesive fresh-keeping film shall be marked with no contact tape. At present, the only thing that can be exported to China in the world is American fat food, no microwave heating, no high-temperature use, etc. If the fresh-keeping film is declared to be able to be heated in microwave oven, it shall be marked with the use of microwave oven, the heating method and the maximum temperature of concrete small hollow block test method gb/t 4111 ⑴ 997; The logo can be printed by pushing and pulling the workbench back and forth several times, and can be marked on the product or the outer package of the product

it is also a packaging container that contacts food. The general technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware has been implemented since December 1, 2009. The national standard specifies the heat-resistant water performance, heat-resistant oil performance, water leakage performance, load-bearing performance and microwave oven temperature resistance of plastic disposable tableware. It also requires that disposable lunch boxes, plates, plates, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, bowls, cups, cans, pots, straws, etc. should not be labeled with words such as degradable, because degradable tableware is not equal to environmental protection products

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