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On September 5, car music festival, is that god horse ghost? [think about it]

is the music festival very tall

is Wang Leehom lyrical? Is it Lin Junjie's deep? Or is Zhang Jie desperate like Saburo

see how Sanshan flooring and shengdebao ceramics give you a

"different" auto music festival [xkl hahaha]

[super big star]

Qin Yong, the former lead singer of the Panther band and the loving father of rock and roll, will sing at Fusen Meijia home in the north gate of Chengdu on September 5

[all Sichuan linkage]

2015 China Chengdu auto music festival all Sichuan linkage. Qin Yong, the father of rock and roll, invites you to enjoy luxury cars, music, ceramic tiles, flooring, direct supply from the factory, and all Sichuan linkage. It's the lowest price in the whole year. You can earn it when you come

[world class luxury sports car & beautiful V honey]

jumping horse, noble Trident, Italian sports car - men's favorite

Mediterranean sunshine, passionate Italian football - men's favorite

flashy and fashionable Milan fashion, magnificent and elegant V honey - men's favorite

fragrant car beauty is close at hand. Can you still sit still

[Harley Motorcycle & handsome male model]

the road starts here and has no end - Harley Motorcycle

curtain thanks from here and shocked the audience - AF male model

speed and power duel, making this summer even hotter. What are you waiting for

auto music festival time: September 5, 2015 (Saturday)

location: Chengdu Beimen Fusen home furnishing

Contact: 15928992955

Qin Yong, Sanshan flooring, shengdebao ceramics meet you at Beimen Fusen home furnishing, don't miss it




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