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The process description is ambiguous. When the decoration company or foreman quotes, because the owner will pay more attention to the price of individual items, he often ignores the process description, especially the regulations on what materials, specifications, grades, formaldehyde, benzene content and so on

Runtai decoration

trap 1: the process description is ambiguous. When the decoration company or foreman quotes, because the owner will pay more attention to the price of individual items, he often ignores the process description, especially the regulations on what materials, specifications, grades, formaldehyde, benzene content and so on

lesson 1: you must verify the material, specification and grade face-to-face, and implement it on paper. It appears as an attachment to the contract, so as not to regret. When you file a lawsuit or plead, there is no evidence to explain clearly, and the decoration company is allowed to provide unqualified and environmentally-friendly materials at will

personal experience: at that time, I didn't understand anything. Fuzzy words were used in the quotation given by the decoration company and foreman, such as: big core version for cabinet body and cabinet frame, solid wood edging, cement, brush interface agent, paper gypsum board cover, etc., which were all traps

trap 2: do tricks on a single area. General owners also pay attention to the price of individual items. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated. In fact, this area is also the place for decoration companies or foremen to do tricks. If the area of each item is slightly increased and the price of individual items is high, then at least a few hundred or more than a few thousand will go out, and the final results of your bargaining will disappear, leaving you feeling cheated

lesson 2: after the individual price is negotiated, we must not be afraid of hard work, measure the area and size of the individual with the decoration company or foreman, write it down, put it on paper, and calculate the total price of the individual, as an annex to the contract, so as to avoid wrangling over the size and size of the area at that time

personal experience: there is a big difference between the area of paving bricks and painting walls in our family, saving at least 500 yuan

trap 3: fiddling with the quotation finally provided to the customer. Generally, the decoration company or foreman and the owner will revise the quotation back and forth for 3-4 times before the final contract is signed, focusing on unit price, area, total price and process description. If the negotiation is similar, the other party will give the owner a finally given sample and ask the owner to confirm and sign the contract. At this time, we must pay attention not to take it for granted that as we have talked before, some treacherous decoration companies or foremen will do some tricks on the process description or area, simplify some processes or secretly change some materials

lesson 3: when signing the contract, you must personally compare and check the corresponding terms one by one to see whether they are consistent with the final conditions negotiated by the decoration company or the foreman. You cannot ignore any details and leave no opportunities for unscrupulous businessmen

personal experience: This was discovered by accident, and there are many details of stealing. For example, it was originally said that the shoe cabinet was made of nine centimeter board and black walnut veneer, but later when the contract was signed, it turned into three centimeter board. I raised a question about this, and others refuted me that I didn't know anything and pretended to understand it. Three centimeter board and nine centimeter board are the same thing, is it really the same thing

trap 4: provide inferior products when materials enter the site. Although it is very clear in the contract and quotation that what materials, specifications and grades of products should be used, some decoration companies or foremen with a fluke mentality will always take risks and disguise themselves as fake and fake. If the owner is not careful and doesn't care, inferior materials will sneak into the site in this way

lesson 4: when materials enter the site, it is best to be present in person, bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to the site for acceptance. When signing the contract, it is stipulated that the foreman must notify the owner or the supervisor 24/48 hours in advance of any kind of material, otherwise the decoration company or foreman will be responsible for any problem and delay in the material. We must adhere to the principle, no is No

personal experience: at the beginning, I had no experience and signed the contract with the decoration company according to the fuzzy process instructions provided by them, so I went to the supervision company early in the morning on the day of material mobilization and immediately asked a supervisor to accompany me to inspect the material. It was found that none of them was qualified (according to the supervision standard), for example, the big core version used E0 grade (at that time, I didn't say what brand and grade to use), There was no brand of wire used (it was not explained in detail at that time). The pipe used for threading the wire was a so-called PVC pipe that flattened when stepped on (it was not noticed at that time). The putty used was 821 putty (it was said at that time). The gypsum board could be broken when pinched, except that the gypsum line supervisor said it was OK. What's more annoying is that the cement originally used diamond 325, but it turned out that it was silver shield that had never been heard of (after checking on the Internet, it didn't have this brand). The foreman told me that this silver shield was 3 yuan/bag more expensive than diamonds, and that he couldn't buy diamonds. Although I know nothing about whether cement is diamond or silver shield, according to the packaging friends, real diamonds cost 40 yuan/bag, so anyway, the diamond cement 15 yuan/bag it says must be fake, not to mention the silver shield brand he doesn't even want to buy diamonds. I won't say how bad it is. His meanness is that he didn't tell me that the cement changed its brand; Second, let him change his life and death, and said that he lost a lot and bought a better brand than diamonds. Since the supervisor agreed not to change the cement at that time, I didn't insist on changing it. This beginning gave the decoration foreman a lot of sweet addiction, and even endless trouble

trap 5: when materials enter the site one after another, some good materials will be accepted by you in order to deceive you, and inferior materials will be imported while the owner is away. When the workers enter the site, the foreman will certainly enter some materials and ask the owner to inspect the goods on site. At the beginning, they came according to the provisions of the contract, but it is inevitable that some unscrupulous foremen will inevitably appear, some good materials will be advanced, and some inferior materials will be replaced while the owner is not there. Some simply do not tell the owner the decoration process first, and let the inferior materials be used in the concealed works first

lesson 5: appear on the construction site irregularly to avoid the decoration foreman finding out your time rule. It is best to ask the supervisor to spend 1-2 hours on the construction site every day. In addition, appropriate “ Bribery ” The doormen and security guards of the community, please note that if there are batch materials coming out, they must sign or call you to ask whether to release them

personal experience: at that time, 821 putty powder came into my house. Because I saw that it was forbidden, I insisted on changing Meichao to be easy to scrape flat. Although the foreman promised verbally, I didn't change it after asking for a week. Finally, I was so angry that I stayed at the construction site all day and ordered to change it today, so I reluctantly changed it. Yes, but my guess is: he changed our 821 putty powder to another owner's house he took over, because he said that he had already paid the bill and could not change it. Would such a dirty foreman throw away 821 putty powder





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